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For more than 8 years Agimport Export Comercial Ltda has pioneered trade facilitation through international borders while providing contract manufacturing solutions in meeting the needs of our clients. Since 2001, the depth and breadth of our services at Agimport Export Comercial Ltda have expanded to create one of the most successful, knowledgeable, and experienced lumber and engineered wood trading & manufacturing organizations. Beside its own forestry and manufacturing resources, Agimport Export Comercial Ltda maintains contractual partnership, exclusive manufacturing, warehouse, international distribution & Export arrangements, as well as excellent relations with some of the leading wood product manufacturers in Brazil with a great position to meet our customer high demand, with advanced technology and experienced professionals.
Agimport Export Comercial Ltda is a leading Brazilian integrated forest products company. The majority of Agimport Export Comercial Ltda woodlands operations, sawmills and manufacturing facilities are in Brazil.
Agimport Export Comercial Ltda actuates in all Brazilian Territory, Exporting the finest Brazilian Pine Wood and Eucalyptus Wood for all customers proposal, Exporting to Mercosul (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile) and all ( Latin America), Europe, USA, Arab Emirates, Dubai, India, Iran, Australia and many other countries WorldWide.
Agimport Export Comercial Ltda strategic located at city of Curitiba ,State of Parana, South Region, and we also have our branch office in Northeast of Brazil, city of Natal, and our branch in Miami-USA.
In a logistic strategy we have our Afonso Pena International Airport within no more then 8 miles from our office and warehouse, and we have one of the biggest Port, Paranagua Port within no more then 55 miles, providing the best service of Airport and Port facilities close to you! The company is a producer, contract manufacturer and supplier of lumber, engineered wood products and a wide variety of quality timber manufactured according to customer specification.
Being a Brazilian owned company, we do have our own definition of Quality. We supply to probably the most quality-conscious customers in Europe, Asia, USA, Arab Emirates, Dubai, India, Iran, Australia and many countries.

Our products are manufactured according to the toughest quality guidelines in the market.
Strict quality control, combined with regular laboratory tests will assure the highest possible product quality. Our own quality benchmark is higher than any other known grading or quality assurance program, quality procedures and control, under Agimport Export Comercial Ltda special technical crew and supervision of quality control measuring all and each detail of our Pine Wood and Eucalyptus.
Due to substantial volume shipped, our Export Dept. is very active in all international areas including services such as : Maritime, Land , Air Booking , Customs Services, Broker services and our Export Dept. totalizing all the chain of nationalization of the products until get to our customers. This advantage allows us to pass on to you competitive freight and intermodal door-to-door service packages, direct to you or your company!
We operate our own Offices at strategic Locations around the Globe. This Office Network and our Team of Experts will provide the Solutions for all your Supply Chain Management, Product Sourcing, international Sales & Marketing, and Distribution Needs.
With this focus, Agimport Export Comercial Ltda is able to offer not just Lumber Core, Board-, Panel-, Timber- and Veneer products at competitive prices, but, more importantly, a higher level of technology and quality than most competitors either can or will provide.
The company operates it's own office network in various countries and Agimport Export Comercial Ltda is specialized in high volume supply.

Timer & Plank, Construction materials we can offer.

Brazilian Pine Wood.


Brazilian Pine (Pinus elliottii)
Brazilian Pine (Pinus taeda)

Green pine wood (with out treatment, less durability, but good quality also)

Rough Lumber (Rough Cut): Sawn, trimmed, and edged, but the faces are rough and show saw marks.

Surfaced Lumber (dressed): Rough lumber that has been smoothed by a surfacing machine.

Sub-categories are based on the number of sides and edges that have been smoothed:

S1S - Sawn 1 side
S1E - Sawn 1 edge
S2S - Sawn 2 sides
S2E - Sawn 2 edges
S1S1E - Sawn 1 side, and 1 edge
S1S2E - Sawn 1 side, and 2 edges
S2S1E - Sawn 2 sides, and 1 edge
S4S - Sawn 4 sides
S/S - Saw sized (resawn)

Yard Lumber: Lumber used for house framing, concrete forms, and sheathing.
It is also known as structural lumber. Yard or Structural softwood lumber is further subdivided
into the following categories, based on size:
Boards - Lumber must be no more than 1 inch thick and 4 to 12 inches wide.
Planks - Lumber must be over 1 inch thick and more than 6 inches wide.
Timbers - Lumber width and thickness must both be greater than 5 inches.

Both sides titanium white melamine MDF sheet, both sides black & warm white melamine MDF sheet, raw MDF, Plain HDF, Plain MDF, Melamine MDF two sides, Veneer MDF one side, Slotted MDF, Block board, Plywood, Plain Particle Board, Melamine Faced.
Brazilian finest furniture ?Home & Office (Office furniture, Hotel furniture, Company furniture, Home furniture, every type of sets of furnitureŠŐ»). Hardware furniture, Bamboo furniture, Rattan furniture, many other line of furniture.
Kindly we ask you to send us an attached file (spreadsheet) with your buying offer or the product that you need in order to us provide the best product and service.

Thank you!!
Giuliano Rocco
Export Department

Agimport Export Comercial Ltda

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