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Sunway trading company is sales department of Zhongshan Rising Dragon Group.

Rising Dragon established in 2001, is a professional manufacturer who is focused on Spa, Pool accessories, Billiards, game room furniture, bar furniture, LED lighting and controller. Up to now, we have successfully set up four divisions of our manufacturing expertise and built our products strictly for international markets.

Our quality starts right at the beginning with our employees and our materials. The personnel we choose have been trained for their understanding of western culture and specifically our business model and demands. The raw materials are provided from the most qualified suppliers in China or imported from famous multinational companies. We have an intimate understanding of western needs and can deliver what you expect.

In summary, Rising Dragon has been set up using the western business model modified to include Chinese business principles. The blend is an ideal mix to ensure that the overall quality of our products is of the heights grade.

Our products include:
Spa cover, spa bag, spa jet, valve and fittings, spa light cover, pool table, game room furniture, bar furniture, pool table accessory, kitchen cabinet, wooden craft, LED lighting and controller.

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sunway trading company

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Room 304, No.3 Bldg, Jingui Yuan, Nanhua Road, Nantou Town




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