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We offer business cooperation with your company is you are buying furniture importer
and I am business your furniture product supplying.
I am will give you better price ( competitive price ), my ex factory calculation system is ;
a. Calculate of invoice wood price.
b. Calculate of machining process per M3 invoice time price of net part volume.
c. Calculate of labor cost and overhead per M3 invoice time price of net part volume.
d. Calculate of my margin business 10% up to 20% time calculate " a+b+c ".
e. Calculate of " hardware + glue + finishing + packing " cost.
f. Final calculate ex factory product is " a+b+c+d+e " ( Rp or USD amount ).
And we will give you quality and status production process every 1 week, ( see sample quality report attachment ). So you can peaceful confident with your order processing and or some amount investment if as your down payment. And you can tell for your market of delivered his ordered.

Please, I hope you can interested with my open business system and you will make business cooperation with my company " ALCATRI wooden product ". Therefore we can economic support at around ALCATRI wooden product place.

Thank you for your attentions on my offer business information.

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ALCATRI wooden produc

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