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Our company mainly exports all kinds of spring and stamping products, hardware ,Furniture hardware ,Construction hardware ,plastic fasteners and so on, bellow is our some items name:

1) precision spring

2) mechanical spring

3) wire forming

4) steel strip spring

5) hot rolling spring

6) volute spring

7) gas spring

8) die spring

9) disc spring

10) wave spring

11) ring&washer&pins&clip

12) wire thread silk

13) hose clamp

hardware (screw, bolts, nut, washer,anchors) Construction hardware (Lag shields anchor, roofing bolt and Square nuts)plastic fasteners (plastic plug, nylon wall plug, plastic anchor and so on) as follows:

1. Hex washer head self-drilling screw

2. Pan head self-drilling screw

3. Truss wafer head self-drilling / self tapping screw Countersunk head self-drilling screw

5. Bugle head self-drilling screw

6. Philips pan framing self-drilling screws

7. Drywall screw

8. Chipboard screw

9. Twinfast Wood screw BS

10.Hex head with flange wood screw

11. Wood screw

12. Hex head wood screw

13. Flat head nail screws

14.Hex head with washer nail screw

15.Square head nail screws

16. Tapping screw

17. Machine screw

18.Galvanized roofing bolts

19.Concrete screws

20.Window screw

21Countersunk head connector screw/ furniture screw

22.Euro screw


1. Flat washer

2. Spring lock washer

3. Other kinds of washer


1. Hex nuts

2. Nylon lock nuts

3. Flange nuts

4. Cap nuts

5. Wing nuts

6. 揟?nuts

7. Spring nuts

8. Square nuts

9. Channel nuts

10. Hex long nuts


1. Hex head bolts[DIN933,DIN931,DIN912

2. Carriage bolt DIN603

3. Flat eye bolt

4. Big flat head bolt

5. Hex flange head bolt

8. Thread rods ,4.8 grade and 8.8 grade

9. Eye bolts (C,O,S,type)


1.Nylon hammer fixing

2. Fisher

3. Nylon Frame anchor

4. Nylon Frame anchor

5. Metal Frame anchor

6. Hammer drive anchor

9. Hollow wall anchors(C,L,O,point Type)

10. Wedge anchors

11. Chemical anchors

12. Zinc alloy screw

13. Drop in anchors

14. Heavy-duty shell anchor

If you have concerning inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Meanwhile, we will appreciate if you can send us your inquiry indicating detailed specification, size ,photoes, and quantity. We will offer you the best prices at the shortest time.

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