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[Buy]: Red Cedar
We are looking for Red Cedar Lumber for export to Lebanon. dimensions, 12/4 x6" min x 10'/12'/16' quality: clear Finish: R Sawn. CIF Beirut Leban...
From: Lebanon (8/30/2017)
I have a small warehouse of floors, in Cantabria in the north of Spain close to Bilbao. We sell diferent kind of floors, laminate flooring, Vinyl flooring, wooden f...
From: Spain (8/30/2017)
[Buy]: Douglas fir or spruce lumber
Hello. I am looking for 4 container load of Douglas fir or spruce lumber 10inchx10inchx20ft or logs at 20ft or 19 ft long.  Need a price per container. 250...
From: Canada (8/30/2017)
[Buy]: Kapoor wood
Dear Sales, Please quote with your best price  1) KAPOR WOOD SIZE 4''X10''X8'  QTY: 6 LGTH  2) KAPOR WOOD SIZE 4''X2''X8'  QTY: 1...
From: Malaysia (8/30/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood and MDF
Dear Sir We are the AA grade contracting and interior company in Kingdom of Bahrain involving various building contruction,civil and interior projects. We have...
From: Bahrain (8/30/2017)
[Buy]: White oak and steamed beech
Dear Sir, Can you offer...  1) white oak grade AA, unedged slabs, KD 12% one cntr 2)steamed beech grade AB,unedged slabs, KD 12% one cntr required cif...
From: India (8/30/2017)
[Buy]: Camphor Wood
Dear Sir,  We are looking for CAMPOHOR Wood. If you can help us, please contact us.  John.park@pnixcomm.com  Best Regards,  John.....
From: Korea, South (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Fire retarded plywood
Dear Sir  I am asking about fire resistance plywood. If you have this material, What is the price if I want about 500 sqm?  Reards  .....
From: Egypt (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Teak
Our company is interested in buying Square sawn teak sizes like 3*3 , 4*3 , 5*3 , 5*5 , 6*5 & up & also  Lumbers like 4*1 , 5*1 ,  Length 7.25 ft  &...
From: India (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Firewood of Beech
Greetings,I work for an italian company of import,i need to known if there is availability for beech wood for heating. The average will be per month about 3 trucks i...
From: Italy (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Firewood -- ash ,oak
 I am looking for a supply partner for our business in the UK, could you please provide details for any of the following: Kiln Dried Ash - cut 25-28cm packed in...
From: United Kingdom (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Cocobolo and Granadillo wood
We are currently looking for reliable supplier for Cocobolo and Granadillo from Mexico . If you are interested, please contact me asap, currently we are in Mexico no...
From: China (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Wood doors
Dear Sir  We are a hotel and have requirement for wooden doors and need a local manufacturer of wood door to contact us.  Please send in your experts...
From: United Arab Emirates (8/29/2017)
From: United States (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: Wood charcoal
 I am interested in wood charcoal for packing prices of 2.5 and 10kg. Packing on a pallet   .....
From: Slovenia (8/29/2017)
[Buy]: 8/4 WHITE ASH LUMBERS (FAS Quality)
We are interested to import white ash for pakistan, Pls quote us CIF price for PORT QASIM Pakistan. Quality 8/4 ASH LUMBER, GRADE FAS with 8"wider and above an...
From: Qatar (8/28/2017)
[Buy]: Monterey pine and regnans logs
We are looking forward to cooperation.We have been import saw logs for many years ,We are interested in Monterey pine and regnans. Please contact with me ,this is m...
From: China (8/28/2017)
[Buy]: Solid wood door jamb
I want to inquire if you have available solid wood door jamb and sash. Thank you.   .....
From: Philippines (8/28/2017)
[Buy]: PVC Doors
Dear Sir We are a Nigerian reseller of Building materials in Nigeria. I held meeting with the projects engineers yesterday. 1. They showed me the typ...
From: Nigeria (8/28/2017)
[Buy]: Teak
 We are a Dubai based wood trading company having wood business in west African countries. We are interested in buying Panama teak for India. .....
From: United Arab Emirates (8/28/2017)
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