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[Sell]: Birch Frame Grade Hardwood Lumber
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Birch (Betula Pendula); Moisture Content: KD16% (or 8%); Grade: Fra...
From: Russia (3/27/2019)
[Sell]: 桦 Birch lumber, KD8%, Select, 1 Com, 2A Com, 3A Com
Russian Lumber Co. is offering Birch lumber:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Species: Russian Birch (Silver Birch); Origin: North-West Russia;&nb...
From: Russia (3/27/2019)
[Sell]: Pine Wood Lumber
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as pine wood lumber supplier based in Brazil south America. We can supply sawn pine wood as your requirement for Pallet and Pac...
From: Brazil (3/26/2019)
[Sell]: Teak logs
We work in the international teak export business, we are located in Costa Rica with more than 1500 40' containers a year....
From: Costa Rica (3/26/2019)
[Sell]: LVL/LVB Pywood
We are a CARB EPA and JAS certificated LVL and plywood factory loaced in Linyi, Shandong, China, our products including:  1. LVL a) LVL Bed Slats, mai...
From: China (3/26/2019)
[Sell]: Wood logs
Wood logs available.  Balsamo, cumaru, mascarey, saman, teak, verawood.  Welcome inquiries......
From: Ecuador (3/25/2019)
[Sell]: European beech lumber , beech wood lumber for sale
Beech lumber 38mm and 50mm up grand A or AB KD10%-14% ,AD below25%(non-edged,saw by ABlogs,measure count) beech long thin lumber18mm22mm26mm32mm38mm grand ABC(n...
From: Austria (3/25/2019)
[Sell]: 24mm plywood for sale
As Singapore customer United Overseas Trade issue bad LC, caused us big lost in first containers. And, second PI, (3) contaienrs of 24mm Bintangor plywood caused sto...
From: China (3/25/2019)
[Sell]: African hardwood and Timber
We are a reputable known company that supplies African hardwood and timber from species such as bubinga, bilinga, bibolo,mouvingui,mahogany, ebony, iroko, sapeli, te...
From: Cameroon (3/25/2019)
[Sell]: Wood from Ghana
Hello  We are an Israeli company based in Ghana in both construction and lumber.  I am able to supply wood from Ghana in both rough square logs a...
From: Ghana (3/24/2019)
[Sell]: Pine T&G Wall Paneling | 12,5x96x4000mm | AB grade
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Ceiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) and Pine (Redwood)harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine g...
From: Russia (3/23/2019)
[Sell]: From Russia with L♥umber - Spruce, S4S, 1x4", 1x6" boards
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Surfaced boards; Species: Spruce; KD: 16% KD; Surfacing: S4S; Grade: 2Common; Dimensions...
From: Russia (3/23/2019)
[Sell]: Romanian softwood
we sell Romanian softwood(spruce/fir).....
From: Romania (3/22/2019)
[Sell]: Europallets
Our production passes through 5 levels of quality control  ?Equal geometry  ?Quality of wood  ?Thermal treatment  ?We use onl...
From: Ukraine (3/22/2019)
[Sell]: Europallets
Our production passes through 5 levels of quality control  · Equal geometry  · Quality of wood  · Thermal treatment  · We use...
From: Ukraine (3/22/2019)
[Sell]: African wood
Our company is based in Nigeria, however, we operate in both the United States and Nigeria. We buy and sell crude oil products and export all types of African wood...
From: Nigeria (3/22/2019)
[Sell]: Cumaru, Cedar, Oak, Pine , Teak
We process Cumaru, Cedar, Oak, Pine , Teak, among others.  We have a direct relationship with the harvesters in the forests so we can guarantee you a const...
From: Colombia (3/22/2019)
[Sell]: Pine laminated scantlings
The main products of our company are pine laminated scantlings used in doors' and windows' industry. We produce many different dimensions (solid, finger-jointed and...
From: Poland (3/22/2019)
From: China (3/22/2019)
[Sell]: plywood laminated with HPL/Melamine/Acrylic/PVC/PET
Laminating: HPL/Melamine/Acrycli/PVC/PET Color: solid color/ wood grain Finnishing: Glossy/Matt/Texture Core material: Plywood/MDF/Particle board/Bloc...
From: China (3/22/2019)
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