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[Buy]: Teak wood
We are looking for teak wood to supply in india can you send your price list......
From: Kenya (5/11/2017)
[Buy]: Press machine
I need one hot press machine for veneer pressing so i need the detail in need it dubai ,please give me a price......
From: United Arab Emirates (5/11/2017)
[Buy]: Pine Log
Our customer in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan is established a poultry farm.They are seaking pine tree branch in order to make a sawdust for to lay on the floor of poultr...
From: Turkmenistan (5/11/2017)
[Buy]: Oak logs
Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to ask you if the company is able to deliver the order below.  Specifikations oak logs  Length: 3m and more Diame...
From: Slovak (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Round logs
 We are Interested In Suriname Wood Species. Species required such as BAS, WANA, KOPI, BGR, DJI, MKB etc. Kindly Contact with best offer and payment terms...
From: India (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Gypsum Board Paper
We want to purchase Gypsum Board Paper (Ivory Paper & Grey Paper).we need this material to support our production,  We are manufacturer which produce build...
From: Indonesia (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Wood and plywood
We have got prestigious housing project at Burkina Faso . we would like to purchase materials like shuttering plywood ,vertical props and timber for our project . pl...
From: India (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
We are a wooden factory located in Da nang, Vietnam. We are finding MDF suppliers as below details: Size: 18*1220*2440mm Q'ty and Quality: E0: 200.000 Pcs...
From: Vietnam (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Pyinkado logs
Hello. please kindly inform if you have pyinkado logs. we are searching for substantive quantity and quality for shipment. how much is 1 container and can we se...
From: United Kingdom (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Oak logs
I am representing a Chinese floor manufacturer. We have a huge demand on oak logs on steady monthly basis(10 000cbm/month) with the following requirements:  1....
From: China (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Oak wood
We are a company that equips railwais in Evrope and we produce oak sleepers . Our second activity is the production of Oak LHD. By 2027 , we have great vou...
From: Czech Republic (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Eucaliptus timber
Please contact us if you can deliver eucaliptus timber in de following sizes. 5000 pcs of 16mm thick , 75mm wide and 1200mm  3500 pcs of 19mm thick, 100mm...
From: Netherlands (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: MDF Melamine
Our company is looking to purchase a 40ft container for the underlisted products: 3mm 4*8 Cherry MDF 3mm 4*8 Red Rose MDF 3mm 4*8 Wenge MDF 16mm...
From: United States (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Kewring veneer
Looking for reliable supplier for kewring veneer 0.30mm x 1220 x 2440. .....
From: India (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Pine and Spruce logs
We need 9,000 CBM of pinus sylvestris monthly.  .....
From: China (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Hard Maple veneers Logs
We are interesting about Hard Maple veneers Logs 15-20 m3 dameter 70 cm up 150 cm long up we are looking for quick feedback Best Regards  .....
From: Poland (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Cedar
Please quote the price for 1"x4"x16' cedar pair foot or a 1000 board feet. .....
From: Canada (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Beech rotary cut veneer
Dear Sirs, We would like to ask you whether you produce beech rotary cut veneer in thickness 1,2 mm. We are a manufacture copany and we are looking for a suppli...
From: Slovak (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Yellow Balau Bangkirai decking
I am looking for  25x145 Yellow Balau Bangkirai decking 44x68 beams 88x88 posts we buy 8-20' n need a lot in 13' ( decking & beam )  Ki...
From: Germany (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Pine or spurce wood
I am from Finland. We are looking for a lowest quality (D) pine or spurce with the following dimensions. These will be used on construction, under the roof (roof boa...
From: Finland (5/9/2017)
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