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[Buy]: Kids furniture
Dear Sirs, we are a Danish import Company looking for kids furniture. Do you have that ? Best Regards, .....
From: Denmark (9/27/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
Please give me the fob rate of mdf uv sheet size 1220*2440*18mm . .....
From: Pakistan (9/27/2017)
From: United States (9/27/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood
We have an inquiry for 168 sheets 2500 x 1220 x 25mm Pop Throughout plywood but if possible Birch faced and (or) the same but 50mm 84 sheets. Can you help?  .....
From: United Kingdom (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: Taeda Pine lumber
 Dear Sir / Madam,  I'm interested in Taeda Pine lumber. Thickness: 17 and 22mm Widths and lenghts are standard Grade: Industrial, Millrun,...
From: Vietnam (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: OSB & Plywood
Hello  I need a price for OSB with 9, 11, 15, 18 and 22mm. Size 1220x2440  I need a price for plywood with 17, 18, 20 and 21mm Size 1220x244...
From: Bulgaria (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: African hardwood
We have a huge demand for African hardwood as like: ? Azobe/Ekki ? Apome  ? Basralocus ? Gmelina ? Bullet...
From: Bangladesh (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: Radiata pine lumber
Dear Sir / Madam, I'm interested in Radiata pine lumber. Thickness: 17 and 22mm Widths and lenghts are standard Grade: Industrial If you can...
From: Vietnam (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: Oak logs
Dear Sir,   I search oak logs in B-grade and lower for veneer slice in Asia.  ---------- -------------- ------------- ----------- ---------------...
From: Sweden (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: Prefabricated greenheart house
I need a 3-bedroom prefabricated greenheart house for saint lucia......
From: United States (9/26/2017)
[Buy]: Pine or spruce wood
Dear Sir, Sizes mentioned below ate for 1?0ft container: 1140mm x 100mm x 19mm = 8000 nos 1200mm x 100mm x 19mm = 4000 nos 95mm x 95mm x 2400mm =...
From: India (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: Wood pallets
Please kindly send us your best price for the following items 1) Wood ?pallet Depth 95 cm, width 115 cm, Two Way Wooden Pallet Qty-400  2) Wood? ?pa...
From: Saudi Arabia (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: Interior wpc suspended ceiling
We are looking for manufactirers of interior wpc suspended ceiling. If you have ecatalogue, please send us with thanks Goods will be exported to South & Central Amer...
From: Hongkong (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: Equiry on flooring wood for offshore environment use
Our company is looking for supplier to supply hardwood flooring plate with thickness up to 50mm for offshore laydown area use (total area required around 800+sqm for...
From: Singapore (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: Yellow Cedar
We are interested to buy Yellow Cedar if prices are very attractive , we are from India and we are visiting Canada ( vancouver ) in first week of Oct , if interested...
From: India (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: Yellow pine
Please quote yellow pine price cnf Karachi Pakistan.  Thanks and best regards  Asadullah .....
From: Pakistan (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
From: India (9/25/2017)
[Buy]: Melamine white plywood
 I would like to know the price of 100 melamine white plywood boards (16mm) .....
From: Swaziland (9/23/2017)
[Buy]: Red wood
Dear sir, I am interested to import red wood. Can u please give me exactly the prise of 500 cube metre of wood with high quality . please i like the prise in eu...
From: Tunisia (9/23/2017)
[Buy]: Mdf 3660*1830*16mm
I'm interested in raw mdf. we work 3660*1860*16mm (size of mdf board) and only this dimension and high density. (above of 700kg/meter cube)  if you ca...
From: Iran (9/22/2017)
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