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[Buy]: Teak wood
Requirement of Quarter Swan Teak Wood - 35000 CFT......
From: United Arab Emirates (5/4/2020)
[Buy]: FSC certified teak plantations
I am interested in investing of FSC certified teak plantations forestry investment products, kindly send me or call me with further details please. Many thanks and k...
From: Netherlands (5/4/2020)
[Buy]: Aspen logs
 I am looking to import Aspen wood to India. Hence, I want to find out about the process and pricing details. If you export wood to India, please do get in touc...
From: India (5/3/2020)
[Buy]: Paper from Ukraine
We are looking to buy One 40FCL paper (without Pallet) 16.000 reams of 8.5 X 11 Inches ( US letter size ) , this is continues order. We are looking to establish a l...
From: United States (5/3/2020)
[Buy]: Wood shaving
hi i would like to import to ISRAEL wood shaving for horse stable please send info and FOB quote we may need phyto certificate R...
From: Israel (5/3/2020)
[Buy]: Caucasian walnut burls
Hello, we're a wood trading company from Germany and interested in Caucasian walnut burls. Have you got anything interesting on stock that you can offer us? Ple...
From: Germany (5/3/2020)
[Buy]: Processed Wood
Our buyers require processed wood products in the form of wooden sticks with specifications of Length 180 cm and Diameter 6 cm. For that we ask the price of processe...
From: Indonesia (5/2/2020)
[Buy]: Azubi wood
I would like to purchase azubi wood for Italy and Bangladesh. please let me know your available stock and log list ......
From: Bangladesh (5/1/2020)
[Buy]: Beech, Ash lumber and element
We are one of Japanese trading companies for Hardwood & Softwood lumber, element , veneer and so on, from all over the world.  Now, I am searching for Beec...
From: Japan (5/1/2020)
[Buy]: Sunflower oil
 I want to purchase good quality of cooking oils ..like sunflower and others ..basically ..am from India ..may i get price list and packing and shipping method...
From: India (5/1/2020)
[Buy]: Ash Planks for Hurley making
I am a young man who is from the South of Cork. I am asking about if you have or know anywhere to get ash planks for Hurley making. looking forward to hearing from y...
From: Ireland (5/1/2020)
We are currently interested in buying the under-listed products from your company for one of our major Clients in Ghana, West Africa;   PRODUCT NAME ...
From: Ghana (5/1/2020)
[Buy]: Canadian Sedar wood
Looking for supply of Canadian Sedar wood Treated for external use 2" x 10" x 13' - 13 m3. Regards.....
From: Oman (4/30/2020)
[Buy]: Spruce wood
I am looking for spruce wood for further processing into lumber (boards, squared timber - not visible). Basic grants: Length 11.8m D (middle) 25 cm&nb...
From: Czech Republic (4/30/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood
We are interested to buy Plywood about- 4-5 containers of 40ft in a year . We are a well-established group into retail, distribution, projects and manufacturing...
From: India (4/30/2020)
[Buy]: Fence Panel
We are looking for a manufacturer who can make the 6X8ft cedar fence panels. Would like them without the lattice work on top.  If you do could you give me a pr...
From: Canada (4/29/2020)
[Buy]: Biofuel for plants
We would like to purchase some biofuel which is EFB pellet , Wood Pellet, Rice Husk Pellet and Coal for factories plant use.  Kindly provide quotation, stock a...
From: Malaysia (4/29/2020)
[Buy]: 3 x 12 rough cut cedar pricing
I am hoping to get a quote on 3" x 12" rough cut cedar that i’m hoping to use for garden boxes this year. I am looking for the price of: 26 boards at 16...
From: Canada (4/28/2020)
[Buy]: Sauna wood
Looking for a supplier of sauna wood asp in Denmark near by Copenhagen and Aarhus.  .....
From: Denmark (4/28/2020)
[Buy]: Teak wood
From: India (4/27/2020)
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