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[Buy]: Oak logs
Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to ask you if the company is able to deliver the order below.  Specifikations oak logs  Length: 3m and more Diame...
From: Slovak (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Round logs
 We are Interested In Suriname Wood Species. Species required such as BAS, WANA, KOPI, BGR, DJI, MKB etc. Kindly Contact with best offer and payment terms...
From: India (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Gypsum Board Paper
We want to purchase Gypsum Board Paper (Ivory Paper & Grey Paper).we need this material to support our production,  We are manufacturer which produce build...
From: Indonesia (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Wood and plywood
We have got prestigious housing project at Burkina Faso . we would like to purchase materials like shuttering plywood ,vertical props and timber for our project . pl...
From: India (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
We are a wooden factory located in Da nang, Vietnam. We are finding MDF suppliers as below details: Size: 18*1220*2440mm Q'ty and Quality: E0: 200.000 Pcs...
From: Vietnam (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Pyinkado logs
Hello. please kindly inform if you have pyinkado logs. we are searching for substantive quantity and quality for shipment. how much is 1 container and can we se...
From: United Kingdom (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Oak logs
I am representing a Chinese floor manufacturer. We have a huge demand on oak logs on steady monthly basis(10 000cbm/month) with the following requirements:  1....
From: China (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Oak wood
We are a company that equips railwais in Evrope and we produce oak sleepers . Our second activity is the production of Oak LHD. By 2027 , we have great vou...
From: Czech Republic (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Eucaliptus timber
Please contact us if you can deliver eucaliptus timber in de following sizes. 5000 pcs of 16mm thick , 75mm wide and 1200mm  3500 pcs of 19mm thick, 100mm...
From: Netherlands (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: MDF Melamine
Our company is looking to purchase a 40ft container for the underlisted products: 3mm 4*8 Cherry MDF 3mm 4*8 Red Rose MDF 3mm 4*8 Wenge MDF 16mm...
From: United States (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Kewring veneer
Looking for reliable supplier for kewring veneer 0.30mm x 1220 x 2440. .....
From: India (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Pine and Spruce logs
We need 9,000 CBM of pinus sylvestris monthly.  .....
From: China (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Hard Maple veneers Logs
We are interesting about Hard Maple veneers Logs 15-20 m3 dameter 70 cm up 150 cm long up we are looking for quick feedback Best Regards  .....
From: Poland (5/10/2017)
[Buy]: Cedar
Please quote the price for 1"x4"x16' cedar pair foot or a 1000 board feet. .....
From: Canada (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Beech rotary cut veneer
Dear Sirs, We would like to ask you whether you produce beech rotary cut veneer in thickness 1,2 mm. We are a manufacture copany and we are looking for a suppli...
From: Slovak (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Yellow Balau Bangkirai decking
I am looking for  25x145 Yellow Balau Bangkirai decking 44x68 beams 88x88 posts we buy 8-20' n need a lot in 13' ( decking & beam )  Ki...
From: Germany (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Pine or spurce wood
I am from Finland. We are looking for a lowest quality (D) pine or spurce with the following dimensions. These will be used on construction, under the roof (roof boa...
From: Finland (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Veneer Gummed Tape
We are looking for the veneer tape to our customers in Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia and other south east Asia countries. If you could provide the veneer tape, please...
From: Japan (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
Dear Sir/Madam Greetings! We are working in the field of MDF. Kindly quote me your best price for the following item: E2 Raw MDF 2.5*1830*2440 mm f...
From: Iran (5/9/2017)
[Buy]: Wood carved ornament
We are looking for a manufacturer who can do wood carving. If interest,please contact us. ---- ---- ----- ------ ------ --- --  I am part of a team op...
From: China (5/9/2017)
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