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[Buy]: 8MM OSB2
We are a leading freight forwarding comapny based in UAE & need 2440x1220x8mm 3000 sheet OSB 2 per a month for making wooden boxes & crates for cargo packing.Minimu...
From: United Arab Emirates (6/6/2018)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hi. Im based in South Africa. I would like to find a good manufacturer and know the process of setting up an arrangement with your factory to build guitars for my...
From: South Africa (6/6/2018)
[Buy]: IPE wood
I am dealer and looking for ipe wood. .....
From: India (6/6/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wood logs and lumber
From: India (6/6/2018)
[Buy]: MDF
We are looking for a price for a truckload volume purchase of 1/4" MDF. The required dimensions of which need to be 5' X 8'. Please let me know a price at your earli...
From: United States (6/6/2018)
[Buy]: European Steamed beech lumber
Dear sir, we need 23mm 24mm germany steamed unedged beech lumber, the origion is germany, we need 1000m3, pls quote us c&f Qingdao China. tks a lot! ...
From: China (6/5/2018)
We would like to request for your quotation of below Plywood: Marine - approx. consumption 1500/month/size 1/4 1/2 3/4  Ordinary - appr...
From: Philippines (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: Morado wood
I am interested in morado wood, could you please sent me your pacing list and price range, thanks, .....
From: Australia (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: MDF Board
We would like to enquire on your material: MDF Board, size:1220x2440mm Thickness: 09mm quotation. Please quote us your best price and indicate your MOQ (CNF Singapor...
From: Singapore (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: Pallet elements
We need Pallet elements.....
From: Korea, South (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: Rattan
We are looking for the rattan supplier with big quantity. Can you give us a call for that? .....
From: Vietnam (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: Hardwood flooring
Dear Sir/Madam,  We are a company based in North Vancouver in Canada and that built and renovated houses.  Since our company is interested in products...
From: Canada (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: Azobe Wood
We are one of a trading and procurement house of wood and we are holding the following inquiries :   1. Azobe- 500 m3 2. Okan ?300 m3 3. Limbali...
From: Bangladesh (6/5/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood, MDF, Melamine
I need Plywood, MDF, Melamine. Please can provide me more info. Thx.....
From: Canada (6/4/2018)
[Buy]: Padauk wood
We are looking for a padauk wood of 100 cubic meters. please provide as your price list. .....
From: India (6/4/2018)
[Buy]: Rosewood and Tali (Iron wood)
I am looking for the stable supplier Rosewood and Tali. Please quote to us the price. Best Regards, .....
From: Vietnam (6/4/2018)
[Buy]: Wood handles
I need 1200X22mm Wood handles  .....
From: South Africa (6/4/2018)
[Buy]: Tropical wood
Dear Sir, Our company is searching for wood exporter in Ghana. The businesses related to the wood production which were made of Anegre, Sapele, Koto, Zebra...
From: Taiwan (6/4/2018)
[Buy]: WOODEN MIRANTI and marine plywood 18mm
1 WOODEN MIRANTI 5 cmx 20cm x 6000cm( 6 meter), (meranti wood 5cm x 20cm x 6.0mtr) EACH 12 2 PLY WOOD 18MM MARINE (marine plywood 18mm x 4'x 8') EAC...
From: United Arab Emirates (6/3/2018)
[Buy]: Fingers joined strips
I am looking for a supplier for fingers joined strips,(A specification file is attached)  Type of wood: spruce  Dimensions: 35x38x2040 Quantity: 200 C...
From: Italy (6/3/2018)
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