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[Buy]: Marine plywood
We need unlimited 18 marine plywood wpb glue 5 container asap what can we do to place an order to greece thesanoliki.   we can pay asap we just neeed to kn...
From: Cyprus (5/26/2019)
[Buy]: Classic console table
From: Greece (5/25/2019)
[Buy]: Wood floor
Hi we're a customer who has bought the Vindemia (colours at B&Q) wood floor. We are looking to buy 26 boxs As B&Q no longer have any . Would appreciate if you...
From: United Kingdom (5/25/2019)
[Buy]: Hardwood Handle Blanks
We are looking for a vendor to supply Hardwood Handle Blanks. KD, Clear Hardwood, Rough Doweled, All Solid, PET, MC 6-8%. All diameters 41.3mm round; 1550mm long;...
From: United States (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: Engineered timber flooring
We are urgently looking for suppliers of engineered timber flooring from VietNam region.  ------------ ------------- ----------- ----------- ------------- ----...
From: United Kingdom (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: Flush door
Dear sir  I want to find a manufacturer whao can make block boaf flush door shutters.I have some order and would like to get informations......
From: Bhutan (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus or Pine wood for furniture
We are looking for sawn wood in Eucalyptus or Pine wood in the below sizes. They will be used for sofa wooden frames  We are a furniture importer in the US...
From: United States (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: African timber
Dear Sir,  We search new suppliers of tripical wood from Africa. I'm the co-owner of the company in France and other company in the wood Business in E...
From: France (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus Wood Chips
Hello,  We are seeking large volumes of either eucalyptus or acacia wood chips. ------------- ----------- ---------- ------------ ------------- -...
From: Australia (5/24/2019)
[Buy]: 5.2mm x 4 x 10 hardwood plywood veneer core
 I am interested in purchasing some Malaysian Luan ( hardwood plywood veneer ). Please send me some information regarding pricing and quantity as it pertai...
From: Canada (5/23/2019)
[Buy]: Machines for plywood
I am looking for second hand machines for plywood making [1] peeling machine 2.5 m  [2]10 day light pressor  [3] sending machine  [4] edge cutter mac...
From: Zimbabwe (5/23/2019)
[Buy]: Western red cedar
I want to purchase western red cedar......
From: United Arab Emirates (5/23/2019)
[Buy]: Machinery for making waste plastic shuttering sheet
I am looking for a supplier of the machinery for making waste plastic shuttering sheet......
From: India (5/23/2019)
[Buy]: Wooden Broom Handles
 I am looking to source the following sized wooden handles  1.2m 22mm 1.4m 24mm  Can you please send me your very best FOB quote and MO...
From: United Kingdom (5/22/2019)
[Buy]: Iroko sawn timber KD
I would like to buy Iroko sawn timber from Gabon ......
From: Greece (5/22/2019)
I'm looking for handout sawdust at least 100-200kg sawdust......
From: Papua New Guinea (5/22/2019)
[Buy]: Wood panels
Hello. We consume about 1 400 M3 of wood in panels per year. Please give us your best price according to the dimensions. Thank you for telling us if you sp...
From: France (5/22/2019)
[Buy]: Teak and mahogany timber
I am looking after teak and mahogany timber. Requesting you to please get in touch and revert with costing and availability. I am looking for shipment at Jebel Ali p...
From: United Arab Emirates (5/22/2019)
[Buy]: Mussivi wood
I am looking for large volumes of Mussivi wood ,please contact meif you can supply. .....
From: South Africa (5/21/2019)
[Buy]: Beech lumber
We are build company and need beech solid wood size of 12mm x 30mm x 150mm. Please indicate the supplier here Thank you......
From: Philippines (5/21/2019)
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