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[Buy]: Urgent Enquiry For 44mm/54mm Solid Particle Chipboard
Please kindly quote us the best price for solid partical chipboard. 1) 44mm - 2000 NOS 2)54mm -1000 NOS.....
From: United Arab Emirates (11/29/2018)
[Buy]: Teak logs
 We are importer of Teak wood based in India and is currently looking for import of rough logs of girth 100 cm up and length of 3 meters. Please provide the quo...
From: India (11/29/2018)
[Buy]: Solid Beech panels
We are looking for other reliable suppliers who are able to offer us beech panels continuously. At present we are interested in 18 and 27 mm thick B/C grade FJ...
From: Hungary (11/29/2018)
[Buy]: Kitchen panels
I work as a partner in a kitchen factory and I’m interested in your kitchen products, i was wondering if you have a representative in Algeria, if not I am intereste...
From: Algeria (11/29/2018)
[Buy]: Cedar Lumber
I am looking for some cedar lumber, small order of 1 x 2......
From: Canada (11/29/2018)
[Buy]: White wood
We deal exclusively with professional traders all over Greece and in some regions of Albania and Bulgaria. Our business is wood trading and processing. Most of the p...
From: Greece (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Pellets
I want to ask , How much will cost 26 tons of pellets ( 6mm) + delivery to Bulgaria. .....
From: Bulgaria (11/28/2018)
I am looking for who is going to have long term of partnership. If our first business is successful. I would like to have business for longer.  before that sugg...
From: Vietnam (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Buying teak, ash and oak wood
Dear Sirs;  Please see the inquiry in detail as below:  1. Oak wood ?diameter: from 30 to 70 cm ?qty: 300 m3   2. Teak wood ?diame...
From: Vietnam (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Glued-laminated timber
We are looking for a really manufacturer of glued-laminated timber, glulam beams and elements. .....
From: Spain (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Door
We are a company in tunisia we purchase and sale the door and we need to find a manufacturer to make a business cooperation. .....
From: Tunisia (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood
I was wondering if your manufacture would be willing to work with Dubai or if you have worked with Dubai in the past. Would like to speak to someone about need mater...
From: United Arab Emirates (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Railway sleepers
I am interest in the railway sleepers,please call me for information ......
From: United States (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Edged pine lumber
Please inform us about the possibility of purchasing edged pine lumber from you.  according to the specification below (edged board). GOST 8486-86, breed...
From: Russia (11/28/2018)
[Buy]: Transformed wood for NOUMEA NEW CALEDONIA
 Hello, We have a construction project in Nouméa (2 houses of 80m2) and we will need some wood.  We will need some fram wood + flooring + decking + wa...
From: France (11/27/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wood sawn size kd
We need pine sawn size 68×93×2440 Kd Cif Mundra port in India send price......
From: India (11/27/2018)
[Buy]: Hard wood logs
I need hard wood logs likes OAK, Maples Ash etc. I need logs in containers. .....
From: United States (11/27/2018)
[Buy]: Birch board
I will buy unedged birch board 28mm of natural humidity, 25mm humidity 8-10, length 2.5, 3.0m, core not more than 25 percent. It is a purchase on a permanent basis...
From: Russia (11/27/2018)
[Buy]: Rail oak
We want to buy rail 45x25 oak grade 0-1 of various lengths. Please send the information with prices to us......
From: Russia (11/27/2018)
[Buy]: Merbau Decking
Please quote price CIF Fremantle Western Australia 19 x 140 (or nearest) KD Merbau & Red Balau Decking or any timber that is durable and stable......
From: Australia (11/27/2018)
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