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[Sell]: Pine Panel Doors
Pine Panel Doors contact us : james@tropicalwoodsinter.com.....
From: Brazil (6/13/2018)
[Sell]: Teak Round Logs
We have teak round Logs from Brazil contact us james@tropicalwoodsinter.com .....
From: Brazil (6/13/2018)
[Sell]: offer to merbau decking
Dear Sir  We would like to offer to merbau decking 19x90x 1500~4200 21x90x 1500~4200 KD Reeded or E4E  any further, please do not...
From: Indonesia (6/13/2018)
Dear All  Our company gladdy inform that we have ready to ship about 600 M3 of mussibe wood.  Load Port will be Luanda.  If such wood i...
From: Angola (6/12/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce Tea and wood chips
Spruce Tea (Green Tea ) grown from the Skandinavia woods in the country of Norway . Lille Vind is the company that produc Spruce Tea . We have a big quantity of the...
From: Norway (6/12/2018)
[Sell]: Pine Logs, Spruce Logs, construction Wood
We offer costruction Wood, Pine- and Spruce Logs in different Measurment. Please contact us by Mail, or 0037066256629 Whats app Thank you.....
From: Lithuania (6/12/2018)
[Sell]: LVL/LVB Pywood
We are a CARB EPA and JAS certificated LVL and plywood factory loaced in Linyi, Shandong, China, our products including:  1. LVL a) LVL Bed Slats, mai...
From: China (6/12/2018)
From: Colombia (6/12/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce S4S surfaced, KD16, 38x89/115/140/184/235mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Product: Lumber (sawn timber); Volume: Min. 10x40' (about of 500 m/3); Species: Spruce (Whitewood); KD: 16%...
From: Russia (6/12/2018)
[Sell]: pine, birch, teak wood
PRIANGARIE LLC is Manufacturing and Trading Company of Russian Timber Group. It was established is 2011 to market lumber products of all enterprises of the group.&n...
From: Russia (6/11/2018)
[Sell]: Tali -Dark Red Meranti -Sapele -King Wood -Wenge -Padauk
We are looking forward for a very serious company and partner who are willing and ready to establish a very long term business relationship and transaction with our...
From: United States (6/11/2018)
[Sell]: Indonesia Sawntimber, Flooring, Wood House
Dear Sir/Madam  We JTR Resources Group have the resources for timber origin Indonesia sawntimber (Merbau, Meranti, Ect), Flooring, wood house (Indonesia st...
From: Indonesia (6/11/2018)
[Sell]: Cedar for siding or roofing
We started our Shake & Shingle business 20 years ago with one vision in mind; to pass on the savings realized by wholesalers, direct to homeowners and contractors. &...
From: Canada (6/10/2018)
[Sell]: Spruce Wall Paneling the best from Russia's North-West
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Seiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grain wood, small s...
From: Russia (6/10/2018)
[Sell]: abt 150 m3 Red Oak logs of European origin
A/B/C grade 3,0m and longer (+ at least 0,2m free trim) (a) only ab 15% of the total (abt 150 m3) 35 - 39cm mid dia (b) abt 85% of the total (abt 150...
From: Germany (6/9/2018)
[Sell]: African wood
We are looking for the the buyers of african wood. At a moment, I'm to Zhengzhou with all samples of all wood.   If you are interested, please contact me b...
From: Ghana (6/8/2018)
[Sell]: 44 White Oak FAS 8" Strips
44 White Oak FAS KD 8" Strips Thickness=1"=25.4mm Width=8"=20.32cm KD(5 to 9%) 12,000 BDFT(NET) or 28.316m3(NET).....
From: United States (6/7/2018)
[Sell]: Bali Furniture
We are manufacturers and exporters of Bali Furniture and Home Wares ......
From: Indonesia (6/7/2018)
[Sell]: Shop (Furniture) grade lumber 5/4", 6/4" from Siberia
Species: Mongolian Scotch Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) Origin: Russia Region: Eastern Siberia  MC: KD 12%; Thickness: 5/4, 6/4 inch; Width:...
From: Russia (6/7/2018)
[Sell]: Oak veneered wooden door
Either engineered or solid wooden door can be created by PT. TATA KAYU INDONESIA. Our factory is located in Semarang, Central Java - Indonesia and is able to produce...
From: Indonesia (6/7/2018)
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