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[Buy]: PNG Walnut logs
We are in need of PNG Walnut logs. Diameter of smaller end 900mm and up. Length 6m and up.  If you can, please quote on CIF Nagoya, Japan.  .....
From: China (8/14/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood 1.22x2.44metros por 2.5mm espesor
I need "pine plywood" with these specifications:  Size: 1220 * 2440 mm Thickness: 2.5mm Grade: BBCC Main material: Alamo Glue: WBP ...
From: Peru (8/14/2018)
[Buy]: Wooden toys
Hi, we are looking for wooden toy manufacturer. We have a certain design we want to be made. Would you be interested. if yes, please contact me for details.  .....
From: United States (8/14/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood
I wan to import plywood from Russia , please send a catalog and price list......
From: Saudi Arabia (8/14/2018)
[Buy]: Black ofram KD
 25 mt black ofram  Black ofram KD fas. Quality 50mm x 150mm & wider, abt.10��?=100mm - 140mm allowed. Length: 2.10(+5cm) & longer up to 4.80(cm...
From: Israel (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Pallet Collars
We are interested to buy pallet collars with the following details:  1 board pallet collar [one wide solid plank] Dimensions & characteristics: 1200*800 mm...
From: Sweden (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: High Grade Core Veneer
We Would Like to invite your esteemed company to quote for High Grade Core Veneer of  1- Poplar  2- Eucalyptus .... or others   Which is suitable...
From: Jordan (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Film-faced Plywood
 We search for Tropical Hardwood plywood ( 9,12,18,21mm thickness) with Phenolic Resin Film-Faced type, Size 4x8ft.  -------- ----------- ----------- ----...
From: Malaysia (8/13/2018)
I would like to request a price quotation for the PALLET BOARD (105 x 105 cm) BLOCK TYPE PALLET.   Thank you and waiting for your positive feedback......
From: Korea, South (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: IPE - Sustainable wood
We are building a LEED home and all wood must be sourced from sustainable forests, especially tropical woods. Can you please confirm if the forests you are getting t...
From: Canada (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wood
Looking for pine wood for pallets.Very urgent Thank you  .....
From: Egypt (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Cut to size wood for pallet
We are looking for huge voloume of cut to size wood nearly 10,000 cbm annual for pallet manufacturing on fully automated lines size 1300 x 120 x 18 mm  siz...
From: Qatar (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Circular prefab house of bamboo , purple or greenheart woo
 I am interested in finding out if you supply circular houses made of either bamboo, purpleheart or greenheart. I am located in St Kitts & Nevis and woudl...
From: United States (8/13/2018)
[Buy]: Western red cedar logs
I wan to find a supplier who can export western red cedar logs to Holland. logs unprocessed but suitable for log construction .....
From: Netherlands (8/12/2018)
[Buy]: Oak Panels
We want to import 40mm Oak panels edge glued and finger jointed in the length . .....
From: United Kingdom (8/12/2018)
We have Distilation Plant & process for Essential Oils, We are Looking for Clove Leaf Crude Oil & Clove Leaf Oil say about 30 MT per month,  Please revert back...
From: India (8/12/2018)
[Buy]: construction of solid hardwood
 Please provide quotation for items below:  20 each of Size : 200mm wide x 70mm thick x 4 mtr lengths (or closest to that length) construction of soli...
From: Malaysia (8/12/2018)
[Buy]: Pallets for sugar refinery
Please contact us with budget price for pallets for sugar, capacity 1,000,000 tonnes per year.  .....
From: Oman (8/11/2018)
[Buy]: Wood Construction Panel
I will like to buy in large quantity of  Wood Construction Panel for a construction company in Nigeria, could you please send me all necessary information abou...
From: Nigeria (8/11/2018)
[Buy]: Wood chip
 We would like to purchase wood chip as follows: 1. Tropical Wood 2. Moisture not more than 25%. 3. Sample to be sent for lab moisture test ...
From: Malaysia (8/11/2018)
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