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[Buy]: Pine wood
Please send us offer for KD available stock. We buy 10 x 40 feet containers every month. .....
From: India (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: Birch logs
We have requirements for birch logs from Russian Federation. This is for icecream stick......
From: Afghanistan (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: Koa slabs
Hello, I am i terested in purchasing Koa slabs. Can you please send me information?   .....
From: United States (5/25/2020)
Looking for OAK LUMBERS. Could you give us your offer. .....
From: France (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: South american logs
We would like to request of south american timber & logs......
From: Philippines (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: Teak S4S
Currently one of our buyer is looking for Indonesia Java Teak S4S: mm.18x90x300-900 mm.18x120x300-900 mm.18x150x1200/1500 mm.60x60x950  ...
From: Indonesia (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: Kurogi wood
I am a purchaser of a timber company, I need black wood, I hope you can send us your catalogs, thank you.   .....
From: China (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: Flak Seed Oil
Currently, we need of “Flak Seed Oil Meal/Residual/Husk (Waste) for Cattle Feed – 1000 MTs”  We are Multi Product Exporters from India vary from diff...
From: India (5/24/2020)
[Buy]: Pine, ash lumber
Hi, I am looking for As, pine, Oak as following:  1. Pinus Sylvestris: We need 100% FSC certified wood with a humidity of 10% (+/- 2%). We can use Pin...
From: United Kingdom (5/24/2020)
[Buy]: Medium and test liner
We have been engaged in paper industry for around 20 years.  We are buying test liner, medium, newsprint paper from different countries and we import around 200...
From: China (5/24/2020)
[Buy]: Sawn kwila
We wanted a huge requirement of sawn kwila sizes, MANGALORE port India .    Please contact on what's for detailed size discussion +919148381352 ...
From: India (5/24/2020)
[Buy]: Merbau, Kwila
I have a company in New Zealand that builds a lot of decks from Merbau, (Kwila). We use a lot of 140 x 20mm size boards and some 90 x 20mm Kwila. I would like t...
From: New Zealand (5/23/2020)
I'm a italian timber agent and since have good demand for EUCALYPTUS WOODEN CHIPS FOR PULP AND PAPER would like to know if you are able to make offers for a long te...
From: Italy (5/23/2020)
[Buy]: MDF
looking for supplier of mdf for furniture......
From: India (5/23/2020)
[Buy]: Balsa Wood
Interested in 3/4"x3/4"x36" balsa wood strips quantity: 10,000 to 50,000 pieces.....
From: United States (5/22/2020)
[Buy]: Ash and oak logs
I'd like to request information regarding timber such as oak, and ash such as price, delivery date, and freight cost.   Best regards,   .....
From: Thailand (5/22/2020)
[Buy]: Walnut lumber
Enquire price as follows:_ 2" x 6" x 7 ft up Superior Grade MC below 10% Volume : 2 to 4 containers Destination : Port Kelang Lead time : Up...
From: Malaysia (5/22/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood 140 x 35 F17
I need a local supplier. DO you have stock of 4.1 sticks, around 100 lengths? .....
From: Australia (5/22/2020)
[Buy]: Popular logs
I wan to import popular logs......
From: India (5/22/2020)
[Buy]: Film Faced Plywood
Dear Sir / Madam,  Please advise prices for the followingItem:  Film Faced Plywood / Commercial Plywood 4'x8x'9mm4'x8x'12mm4'x8x'18mm Kindly advi...
From: India (5/21/2020)
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