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[Buy]: Engineer wood flooring
We are interetsed in engineer wood flooring. Could you please send me your catalog and the price list for engineer wood flooring ?.....
From: Turkey (5/25/2017)
[Buy]: Veneer
Intrested in Importing Veneer......
From: India (5/25/2017)
[Buy]: A/D Prime W/E Boards
We are looking for a Full load of Prime A/D Oak. Fair spread of lengths and widths. can you make us an offer and give us some idea of the Specification you can offer...
From: United Kingdom (5/25/2017)
[Buy]: Small wood houses
I would like an offer of the price for small houses, which are called "Attefallshus" in Sweden. They should be 25 sqm in total with a ceiling height of 4 meters. I w...
From: Sweden (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Larch lumber
We are interested in larch products. We are buying unedged, edged, planed lumber. Could you send me list of your regular products, please. We are company from Sloven...
From: Slovenia (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Round logs
We are intrested in the round logs like kwila, taun, calophyllum padauk etc. We are looking for the continous cooperation for the steady supply. Pls give me a q...
From: China (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Doussie square logs
Dear Sir,  My company interested in doussie square logs In Unganda. pls contact me if you can supply them for us.       My sk...
From: Vietnam (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Logs and Timber
From: India (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Soft wood
Hi- i need supplier for cheap white wood / SPF / spruce or pine . the boards need to be with size 22x200x4000mm . the timber need to be KD - grade with out...
From: Israel (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Treated pine poles
I am looking for treated CCA H4 specification pine poles, or similar long lasting strong poles. Length 6m Diameter 100-125mm Quantity 2500 CIF Ad...
From: Australia (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Purpleheart
We would like to know the price of Purpleheart, sawn into already cut boards, if possible.  Dimensions: Length: ? metros Width: 5cm-20cm Hei...
From: Hungary (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Teak wood
I would like to buy teak wood logs, planks, and sawn woods. looking forward to hearing from you . .....
From: Canada (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Door Casing & Baseboards
We would like to inquire if you can provide us the products of Door Casing & Baseboards. .....
From: Philippines (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Azobe/Bongassi/Kako/Eiki Round Log
Dear Sir,  We gave below details for your price quotation CFR Chittagong with log lists and pictures. Fyi, we also import azobe, okan, tali sawn timbers. Y...
From: Bangladesh (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: Solid Door
Please send me your best price for the following item: 1. 33 mm Solid Door Core 3 x 7( 213.5CM X 91.5 CM ) - 1500 pcs Thanks and Regards .....
From: United Arab Emirates (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: MDF board
We want to purchase MDF boards. Could you advise me where i can purchase your MDF board around Thamel and also what the average price per 2400mm by 1200mm costs...
From: Nepal (5/24/2017)
[Buy]: SPF KD Timber -- 5 containers
We are a construction company and need Timber Kiln Dry 1*Length: 3 meter Widht: 10cm Thickness: 2.5cm Quantity: 1 Container 2*Lenght: 4 meter Widht...
From: Turkey (5/23/2017)
[Buy]: White Oak
 Currently we have a demand for 100m3 of White Oak KD or AD lumbers in 27mm or 28mm for QB1 or QBA grades for CIF China  We are an wood agent in Chin...
From: Hongkong (5/23/2017)
[Buy]: Engineered wood flooring
Dear Sir/Madam, We are a public limited company with 50 professional sales personals and 350 dealers all over India. We are based at Delhi (INDIA). We are deali...
From: India (5/23/2017)
[Buy]: Plywood
Hello, We want the size which is 18 mm . Width and leight is 1.25 - 2.50 and ply is 9 or 11. Sizes can change little bit more or litle bit less. We are wa...
From: Turkey (5/23/2017)
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