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[Buy]: Pine lumber
We want to import pine wood from germany having dimensions 67x117 and 34x94 having length 3-6 meter for mundra port if you are intrested kindly quote ......
From: India (10/31/2017)
[Buy]: Rubber or poplar plywood
We are one of the leading wooden/plywood pallet/packaging material manufacturer in Thailand. We are interested in your plywood based on our below specification. If y...
From: Thailand (10/30/2017)
[Buy]: Lumber
We looking for lumber wood 6"X6" . .....
From: Saudi Arabia (10/30/2017)
[Buy]: Hardboard panels
Our company is a manufacturer of packing and boxes and looking for hardboard panels for our products......
From: India (10/30/2017)
[Buy]: Pine and Spurce lumber
Looking for Pine and Spurce lumber for construction, please quote # 2 per thousand board foot. .....
From: United States (10/30/2017)
[Buy]: MDF
Dear sir ; We looking to buy Green MDF 50 Cubic meter , thickness 17mm and 19mm , Size:1220X2440mm , would you qoute me the destination to Palesti...
From: Lebanon (10/29/2017)
[Buy]: 2.5MM PLYWOOD
We would be very grateful to you if you could provide us the quotation of the following parts.  FOB PRICE   1) 2.5 mm MR GLUE GOOD PRICE ...
From: United Arab Emirates (10/29/2017)
[Buy]: African wood
Please provide me with price and size and shipping for this kind of wood export it to Saudi Arabia :- 1- kossipo 2- mahogany(African) 3- mahogany (sa...
From: Saudi Arabia (10/29/2017)
[Buy]: Ghana Teak Logs
Dear Sir,  We are leading importers from South India. We are interested in Ghana Teak wood logs. Please quote me with the best price.  Thanks & B...
From: India (10/28/2017)
[Buy]: HDF 3.00 mm and 3.50 mm
Dear Sir, I am in need of HDF 3.00 mm and 3.50 mm the requirement is for automobile industry. The requirement is 4-5 container per month. So, please q...
From: India (10/28/2017)
[Buy]: Beech Lumber
We need Beech lumber. Please let us know if you can supply! .....
From: Singapore (10/28/2017)
[Buy]: Treated lumbers
This is from FIDC Republic of Palau. We are one of the general contractor in the island.   I'm wondering if your company could supply us treated lumbers for doi...
From: Other (10/28/2017)
[Buy]: Teak Wood Raw Materials
We are looking to purchase Teak Wood Root Raw Materials......
From: United States (10/28/2017)
[Buy]: APA rated plywood
 I am inquiring about pricing for APA rated plywood. The thickness I am interested in are 11.1 mm and 15.1 mm sheets that are 1.21 meters x 2.43 meters in...
From: United States (10/27/2017)
[Buy]: Balsa lumber
we are looking for Balsa lumber Details are as below Quantity: 40ft x 1ctr (about 55m3) Quality: 4Faces clear Size: T70~80mm x W50~100mm x L910(3...
From: Japan (10/27/2017)
[Buy]: Red oak lumber
I am looking for supplers of red oak lumber ......
From: Lebanon (10/27/2017)
[Buy]: Production manager
We are looking one production manager for Pallet factory if any eligible person kindly let us know.  THANKING YOU  .....
From: United Arab Emirates (10/27/2017)
[Buy]: Epal euro pallets
Dear miss/sir, Can you give us a price for new and used Epal euro pallets ( at this moment we import about 100.000 per year). Please can you give us also...
From: Netherlands (10/27/2017)
[Buy]: Wood chips
I am looking to buy wood chips do you have ? what are you price for 50-100000 metric ton of wood chips . .....
From: Norway (10/27/2017)
[Buy]: 9x7 preassure treated timber
We are looking for 9��?x 7��?x 12��?and 16, preassure treated timbers ......
From: United States (10/27/2017)
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