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[Business]: Lumber & Specialty Wood Inspection Services in Russia
Dear Colleagues,  Should you purchase lumber and specialty wood products from Russia please resort to inspection services provided by Russia ...
From: Russia (5/11/2019)
[Business]: Looking for Japanese and Korean buyers
Dear Sir   We are in timber trade for more then 20 years. We are a trade company from Russia and Europe.  We are looking for new s ...
From: Russia (3/22/2019)
[Business]: pine laminated scantlings used in doors' and windows' indus
The main products of our company are pine laminated scantlings used in doors' and windows' industry. We produce many different dimensions (solid, fing ...
From: Poland (3/20/2019)
[Business]: Spruce, pine, birch
Dear Sirs,  Our company is a large sawn timber producer and supplier with main office located in Tallinn, Estonia and storage/productio ...
From: Estonia (12/6/2018)
[Business]: Ca 100 years old loghouses
For Sale of an old timber/log houses Houses built; 3 houses in 1916, 1 house in 1923, 1 house in 1921 - about 100 years ago Material; spruce ...
From: Estonia (3/1/2018)
[Business]: Masif Panel Çözümleri
Masif Panel ürünlerin tedarik ve satışını yapan Serender Ahşap, çam, meşe, ceviz, kayın ve iroko olmak üzere bir çok ağaç türünü stoklarından bulundur ...
From: Turkey (11/23/2017)
[Business]: Looking for an agent
We are Lithuanian company (EU) looking for an agent to help us approach new markets. We would like to find stable buyers: wholesalers, distributors or ...
From: Lithuania (11/6/2017)
[Business]: Tongue & Groove Spruce Wall Paneling
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall & Seiling Paneling manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested in Russia's North-West. Fine grai ...
From: Russia (10/28/2017)
[Business]: pine timber
sell pinewood.. ...
From: Russia (6/14/2017)
Currently we produce and sell Birch lumber to China and USA. Demand is strong and growing. We need to increase output With this we are inviting i ...
From: Russia (5/17/2017)
[Business]: Birch logs from Russian Federation
Good day ! we supply wood from Russia, namely Birch logs for plywood production, veneer and other wood species. Grade ABC FCA st. SLOBODSKOE ...
From: Russia (2/21/2017)
[Business]: Looking for an agent
We are Lithuanian company (EU) looking for an agent to help us approach new markets. We would like to find stable buyers: wholesalers, distributors or ...
From: Lithuania (1/8/2017)
[Business]: Lumber inspection services in Russia
Should you need to purchase lumber from Russia please be invited to resort to inspection services provided by Russian Association of Certified Sawmill ...
From: Russia (1/3/2017)
[Business]: Export of all types of sawn timber from Russia
Our company has been working in the industry of timber and forest products and has in the use of forest fund with the calculated limit of allowable cu ...
From: Russia (6/30/2016)
[Business]: Stable supplier of softwood sawn timber
TIMBERTIME is operating as a timber sawmiller & wholesaler working with a Baltic softwood sawn timber such as spruce and pine. Having a vast client ba ...
From: Latvia (4/8/2016)
[Business]: Agent in wood seeking
Our company offer representation in Croatia about finding and purchasing logs for your needs per your specification.  We can find oak logs, ...
From: Croatia (2/5/2016)
[Business]: Financial partner to build Birch sawmill is invited.
Russian Lumber Co. is inviting financial partner (s) to build hardwood sawmill in Russias North West. Locally we have great Birch logs resources ...
From: Russia (1/16/2016)
[Business]: lookinng for contractors/investors
We have a wood processing factory in Burgas, Bulgaria. The company is specialised in wood processing and timber trade. It has a modern production ...
From: Bulgaria (12/17/2015)
[Business]: lumber exporting company seeks business partner
Our Company is looking for Partners to buy our products we offer you : Kiln-dried up to 24% or anti-stain treated boards of pine and spruce Sort ...
From: Russia (11/19/2015)
[Business]: wooden pellets
We are a producer of wood pellets.  Diameter of granules of 6 and 8 mm. Light-coloured material - a fir-tree. INCOLAB certificate (comp ...
From: Russia (10/7/2015)
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