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[Buy]: Wooden floor
I am looking for a supplier of tropical wood floor, can you please tell me more about your products?  The minimum order and price? Regards, ...
From: United Kingdom (2/4/2020)
[Buy]: Oak floor pannels
We are looking for constructed oak floor pannels,please inform us concerning prices FOB 20ft container port china... ...
From: Netherlands (1/31/2020)
[Buy]: Broom handles
I am interested in wooden broom handles, I'd like you to send me your prices. Thanks .. ...
From: Greece (1/28/2020)
[Buy]: Kiln dried oak and ash logs
Hi I'm interested in importing kiln dried oak and ash logs on creates .  I'm also interested in importing pellets briquettes lump charcoal c ...
From: United Kingdom (1/24/2020)
[Buy]: Oak furniture
I am looking to source oak furniture for sale within the uk ...
From: United Kingdom (1/23/2020)
[Buy]: Bamboo roller blinds and outdoor furniture
I am looking for our hotel for bamboo roller blinds outdoor furniture outdoor floor around pool rgds .. ...
From: France (1/23/2020)
[Buy]: Pellets briquettes
I'm also interested in importing pellets briquettes lump charcoal charcoal briquettes shavings wood fencing post materials   Thanks   ...
From: United Kingdom (1/22/2020)
[Buy]: Fenugrek seeds
we are from Slovenia.(EU) I am interested in your products . fenugrek seeds Please send us your offers and all prices. Thank you in advance and best r ...
From: Slovenia (1/21/2020)
[Buy]: OSB2
From: Cyprus (1/21/2020)
[Buy]: Pillars and wooden house
 I would like to build a canopy to run horses and riders when it rains. The measures are: 20 m (width), 40 m (length), 4 m (height). Th ...
From: Italy (1/17/2020)
[Buy]: Wood Balsa and Plywood
Dear, I?m looking for a new solid wood companies to work with . We?re a company dedicated to distribution and marketing of wood . Our m ...
From: Portugal (1/17/2020)
[Buy]: Oak sawlogs
I buy oak sawlogs from 30 cm. St. Petersburg... ...
From: Russia (1/16/2020)
Hello, dear wood suplier We are specialized in two types of products. Window laminated profiles and door scantlings. We use ONLY spruce wood. Al ...
From: Slovenia (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Bog mats
We are interested in the bog mats - pls give me an indication of price for 100no mats - 5m x 1m x 100mm for delivery to Winchester, SO21 2LS UK. Many ...
From: United Kingdom (1/16/2020)
[Buy]: Teak logs
We are interested in procuring teak logs. .. ...
From: Turkey (1/15/2020)
[Buy]: Standard shapes plywood
I am looking for quality pre formed plywood shapes for my UK customers. Please contact me so that I can send you more information. Do you have any UK ...
From: United Kingdom (1/14/2020)
[Buy]: Sapelli wood
Dear sir We are looking for 4 ctn 40' of sapelli  Size : 2200++ x 150 x 25 mm = 22 cbm 2200++ x 150 x 38 mm = 30 cbm 2200++ x ...
From: France (1/13/2020)
[Buy]: Wood pellets 8mm
Please advise what price can your company offer 1000 ton wood pellets EN Plus A 1 Big Bags EXW. Bykov BL ?  Rgds, .. ...
From: Sweden (1/13/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood 18 mm
Hello, Do you make plywood 18 mm . WBP. 122 x 244 or better 122 x 204 cm. 2 kinds: 1. With top in veneer white o ...
From: Belgium (1/10/2020)
[Buy]: Fsc finger joint oak boards
I want to purchase Fsc finger joint oak boards. .. ...
From: Denmark (1/10/2020)
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