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[Buy]: Fence posts and Strainers
We are interested in fence posts and Strainers in the sizes below delivered to Northern Ireland. posts 85mm and 90mm in 1800mm and 2100mm s ...
From: United Kingdom (6/3/2020)
[Buy]: Lemon wood charcoals
Hi There.  New Request for lemon wood charcoals, can I ask you if you do produce lemon tree wood charcoals I need to buy regular, if you do send ...
From: United Kingdom (6/2/2020)
[Buy]: Plywood
My clients of Jamaica are in need of tropical plywood: Would it be possible to receive a quote for; Plywood Grade: BB/CC S2S One 1/2 fu ...
From: United Kingdom (6/2/2020)
[Buy]: Wood Pellet
 We are DIRECT DISTRIBUTION, one of the hypermarket company based in France. We Operate in all kinds of products like,EN plus A1 Wood Pellet,Engi ...
From: France (5/31/2020)
From: France (5/30/2020)
[Buy]: Poplar plywood
We need 0.6*170*220 or 0.6*122*244 poplar plywood do you ent the best price for 40cbm.. ...
From: Turkey (5/28/2020)
[Buy]: Wood fencing
I am interested in wood fencing work, can you explain what exactly do you offer. Sincerely,  ----------------- ----------- Geriausias, M ...
From: Belgium (5/26/2020)
[Buy]: Balsa wood
 We produce fishing floats for 30 years. I am seeking the new supplier of balsa.  BALSA WOOD in blocks B GRADE-Light 70-140kg/m3 or ba ...
From: Poland (5/26/2020)
Looking for OAK LUMBERS. Could you give us your offer. .. ...
From: France (5/25/2020)
[Buy]: Pine, ash lumber
Hi, I am looking for As, pine, Oak as following:  1. Pinus Sylvestris: We need 100% FSC certified wood with a humidity of 10% (+/- 2%). ...
From: United Kingdom (5/24/2020)
I'm a italian timber agent and since have good demand for EUCALYPTUS WOODEN CHIPS FOR PULP AND PAPER would like to know if you are able to make offer ...
From: Italy (5/23/2020)
[Buy]: Terrace/Garden Blocks IPE
We would like to purchase Terrace/Garden Blocks IPE 500 square meter. Can you offer that? Looking forward to your kindest response. Th ...
From: Georgia (5/21/2020)
[Buy]: Wood
Hi,I'm looking for Italian style coffin and I will want order 400 pieces of coffin, only wood without colors and accessories. But i have the necessary ...
From: Italy (5/20/2020)
Dear Sirs. We are a Spanish importer from differents countries to differents products. Now we need prices and posibilities of the wooden and plastic ...
From: Spain (5/20/2020)
[Buy]: Corn oil
Dear Sir, We are interested in the purchasing of 10 containers of 20ft of corn oil in 1Liter pet bottles. Thank you .. ...
From: Spain (5/18/2020)
[Buy]: Looking for Fumigation Plant
We are looking for buying a fumigation company, for more information please contact me per email!.. ...
From: Czech Republic (5/15/2020)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
Please send us your best price lenghts 4ml diam 30-65mm grade abc or bc destination-alba romania .. ...
From: Romania (5/14/2020)
[Buy]: Doug Fir #2 Clr &btr K/D and W Red Cedar
Hi, we are an established timber importer/merchants in southern UK, looking for a supplier who can ship Mixed loads of Doug Fir #2 Clr &btr K/D and W ...
From: United Kingdom (5/14/2020)
[Buy]: Poplar logs
I am looking for poplar logs for my client in India for making match stick. ...
From: France (5/13/2020)
[Buy]: Sunflower oil
I would like to ask for the following information: how much is the price of 60 tons of already refined sunflower oil? And if there would be ...
From: Italy (5/12/2020)
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