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[Buy]: Pine wood
Interested in locating Brazilian pine wood manufacture that produces wooden crates that are FSC.  Can you recommend manufacture? .. ...
From: United States (4/12/2018)
[Buy]: Cedar decking
Interested in chinese cedar decking products ,please contact me if you can supply. .. ...
From: United States (4/11/2018)
[Buy]: Wood logs and chips
We are looking for wood logs and chips, please list what you have and price, we want to export to china, please contact me if you have any questions. ...
From: United States (4/10/2018)
[Buy]: MDF and Wood Panels
Hello,  We are looking for another manufacturer. We import 8 containers per year. The following is what we are looking for:  We ...
From: United States (4/10/2018)
[Buy]: Pointed stakes
Looking for 600 treated pointed stakes 1.5" x 1.5" x 8' drop shipped to New Paltz, NY 12561. .. ...
From: United States (4/10/2018)
[Buy]: Timber from brazil
I am looking for South American wood (Decking, Lumber, Core stock veneer, Veneer core platforms and some rotary backs); so we are looking to start a n ...
From: Canada (4/9/2018)
[Buy]: Guitar neck and bodies
 Hello, I would like to know if your company makes hi-quality telecaster style neck and bodies. Would like to know if we can turn to you for a fe ...
From: United States (4/8/2018)
[Buy]: Birch dowel's and Cubes
I want to import 40' containers of birch dowels and cubes. I was hoping to talk to someone and get a quote. Please feel free to contact me. .. ...
From: United States (4/7/2018)
[Buy]: White oak peeled logd
Currently we are looking for a consigment of white oak: length 30-40 sm, diameter 15-25 sm, wood shrinkage min 80%ons.  Volume - 1000 tons. on CP ...
From: Canada (4/6/2018)
[Buy]: Kitchen Cabinet Face Frames and Doors
Hello, we are looking for a new partner who produces in Vietnam. If you produce kitchen and bath cabinets please contact us with your information or ...
From: United States (4/5/2018)
[Buy]: Red Oak and White Oak
We are American company stationed out of San Francisco, California that specializes in large custom orders of high quality cabinets.   Plea ...
From: United States (4/2/2018)
[Buy]: Teak Wood
We are Canadian company based in Vancouver. We are interested in buying Teak wood logs from Costa Rica to Indian destinations.  Please ...
From: Canada (3/29/2018)
[Buy]: Teak Wood
We are a Logs and Lumber export company deals in Teak wood, Cypress, SPF, Douglas Fir, Hemlock Fir, SYP, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Ash, Red Oa ...
From: Canada (3/28/2018)
[Buy]: 4inch white oak
I import building materials for developers to the USA. I need 2787 sq Meter white oak quarter sawn 4inch wide solid wood flooring. Please pr ...
From: United States (3/27/2018)
[Buy]: Dowel rods, turnings, craft sticks
We are one of the largest distributors of wood dowels,pins, wood turnings and craft sticks. We currently import over a million dollars per year of the ...
From: United States (3/22/2018)
[Buy]: Plywood , Flooring, Furniture
We would like to imports several containers of rough construction plywood 4 x 8 x 12mm , 4 x 8 x 18mm into the US and would be glad if you can send us ...
From: United States (3/22/2018)
[Buy]: Rough cut lumber
I am looking to purchase some rough cut 2"x 6" and 4" x 4" lumber prior to the end of March. Are you able to provide a price for 16' lengths in ceda ...
From: Canada (3/22/2018)
[Buy]: Fence material
I need a price list emailed to me for 4x4x8, 2x4x8, 1x6x6, and 1x6x8. I am wanting to build another fence using your cedar. I also need to know exact ...
From: United States (3/22/2018)
[Buy]: Pine wood
we are Import Export company with offices in Canada, our maker in the United-Arab-Emirates and Jordan.  Our Clint in Jordan, would like to ...
From: Canada (3/22/2018)
[Buy]: Raw MDF Board
We are requiring you quote us the following materials:  1) Raw MDF Board Size: 1244.6mm x 2463.8mm x 12.7mm  2) Raw MDF Board ...
From: United States (3/21/2018)
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