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[Sell]: Oak veneer. Ukraine
KTV - Co.Ltd Kaminski Timber & Veneers offers oak veneer. ABC class. Flat, quarter cut.  SIZES: length - from 0.5 to 3.10+ width - 8+&n...
From: Ukraine (4/16/2021)
[Sell]: Oak and beech solid wood panels
Intelco ltd. is global wood processing and trading Company. Company operates on many wood processing plants/mills located in Croatia, Bosnia & He...
From: Croatia (4/15/2021)
[Sell]: Glued Laminated Wood BSH
KOLES is not merely restricted to providing solutions for structural designs and material for building multidimensional structural designs. It aspires...
From: Slovenia (4/15/2021)
[Sell]: wooden beams
We process and supply wood anywhere in the world in accordance with your requirements, produce quality products at our facilities and can connect part...
From: Poland (4/15/2021)
[Sell]: European timber
We are Lituanian based company, which is importing timber material from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We started our company in 2015, we are young, amb...
From: Lithuania (4/15/2021)
[Sell]: Wall Paneling, Siding, T&G, Spruce, 12/14/19x95/120/145mm
Russian Lumber Co. is offering:  Wall Paneling, Siding manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) harvested at Russia's North-West. Fine grain...
From: Russia (4/14/2021)
[Sell]: Wood veneers
We are a Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of natural wood veneers.  Our know-how and the strong relationship...
From: Spain (4/14/2021)
[Sell]: treated k/d pine wood (Nordic).
Sawn pine wood 19 x 50 mm, 19 x100 mm, 19 x 125 mm, 19 x 150 mm 25 x 100 mm, 25 x 125 mm, 25 x 150 mm 32 x 100 mm  38 x 100 mm, 3...
From: Finland (4/14/2021)
[Sell]: MDF and Particleboard
Our company is a leading Spanish manufacturers of wood based panels, specially MDF and Particleboard (www.finsa.com). We are looking for a strong part...
From: Spain (4/14/2021)
[Sell]: Oak, walnut, ash, akazie logs
Our company V.D.M. d.o.o. from Croatia that has been in business of selling oak,walnut,ash,akazie and many other logs and timber. We have been an...
From: Croatia (4/14/2021)
[Sell]: Birch plywood
Our company produces mainly from birch plywood with a thickness of 6 mm quality B / BB or BB / BB format does not matter. I am looking for a direct su...
From: Czech Republic (4/14/2021)
[Sell]: KD White Pine, Spruce ,Poplar white wood, Oak, Birch
suppliers and exporters of Lumber from Pine, Spruce ,Poplar white wood, Oak, Birch, Beech.   Our diligent professionals make use of the lat...
From: Ukraine (4/13/2021)
[Sell]: Pine/ spruce construction timber
KD, pine/ spruce construction timber: 35x90x3000/4000 38x90x3000/4000 45x90x3000/4000 And other dimensions.....
From: Latvia (4/13/2021)
[Sell]: Strapping and industrial packaging products
The company specialized in the strapping and industrial packaging products such as steel and plastic strapping for the timber industries, wrapping mac...
From: Belgium (4/12/2021)
[Sell]: Birch plywood
Birch plywood size 2440x1220/2500x1250 mm.  Thickness 6; 6,5; 8; 10; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30; 35; 40 mm.  ...
From: Russia (4/12/2021)
[Sell]: Oak furniture
Our company mainly deals with the production of hungarian oak and other noble wood furniture. WE BELIEVE THAT: OAK FOREVER. We offer our products and...
From: Hungary (4/12/2021)
[Sell]: Beech logs, spruce, pine
We are top European company in wood department. We are supplier of European Logs and Lumber such as Pine, Spruce, Birch´╝îBeech. We had opportunity to...
From: Lithuania (4/10/2021)
[Sell]: Russian Birch Face Veneer 0,3-1,0mm, Long grain 2600x1300mm
Product: Rotary Cut Veneer; Species: Birch (Russian Birch / Silver Birch); Volume: up to 500 m/3 per month; Thickness (mm): 0,3-1,0;&nb...
From: Russia (4/9/2021)
[Sell]: Steamed Beech Veneer
We offer the following stock of Steamed beech veneer AB grade, shorts, door length and panel length. Crowns and quarters. Quantity appr...
From: Spain (4/9/2021)
[Sell]: FJ Pine 1 Ply Panel, 16 - 60 mm Thick
Joint Finger Jointed Thickness 16 - 60 mm Width 100 - 1200 mm Length 2000 - 5000 mm.....
From: Latvia (4/9/2021)
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