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Posted Time:1/22/2019

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Subject: Wood Species include; Ebony, Iroko, Longhi, Padouk, coconut
Details: Hello, we have a wide variety of wood species from West Africa
and we aim to attract wood or forest dealers who would like
to buy timber logs or any kind of wood from Africa.
our stock is wide and we are certified with the ministry of forest exploration.
Mostly we encourage our clients to come over to visit our forest area and see the types of wood in stock.
if you have any difficulties coming over to Africa, then we can issue an invitation letter which will make it easy for you to come over and from there if you have no experience about buying or exporting wood then we have all the time to successfully guide you through the process.
we aim for a continuous supply.

And just to inform if you might need to trade any other commodity that we have over here in Africa then please feel free to bring your proposal and our team will open the possibilities for you.

we deal in a wide variety of products ranging from wood logs, Cosmetics, Alcohol, Egg powder , Sugar, Fruits, Valued antiquities and African wears,
Animal skin , just to name a few.

Please get in contact with us at any time of the day via email and phone number to get a quick reply.

Phone & whatsapp contact/ +237 72901010 / +237 97119753 .

Business is open and every mail is responded to.

We Export raw materials from West Africa(Cameroon)Central Douala-Littoral, Globally within 15 to 20 days registered with track information fully available.

Wood Species include; Ebony, Iroko, Longhi, Padouk, coconut, Mahogany and much more available, please check out the pictures and video with available stock and wood types.

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emma kwend




Venture West Corporation


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Country or Area: Cameroon



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