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Posted Time:11/25/2018

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Subject: Hardboard
Details: Hardboard manufacture in Thailand which capacity is 1.3 sheets per month. Our product thickness range is from 1.6 - 6mm.

Advance Asia Fiber Co., Ltd. (AAF) is owned the hardboard factory in Thailand. Our hardboard is one of wood base panel produced from high quality of wood fiber of Eucalyptus.

The hardboard manufacture process starts from eucalyptus timber and chipped into small appropriated pieces, fed to the refining machine to make the fiber. This is called wet technology, mixing with only water, no glue or any chemical needed to form the sheet, pressed with high pressure hydraulic system by heat temperature conditions. The hardboard can be produced into a difference thickness from 1.8 mm - 8.0 mm, high density 950 - 1,000 kg/m3 and finished product will be sizing of 4 x 8 s.q feet as standard market size. The hardboard was designed to select the machines which very modern technology and supplied by the manufacturers in Sweden and Germany.

The hardboard product was very well known in the international market and can be applied to furniture industry (drawer), automotive industry (door panels, car finishing elements), packaging industry, interior furnishing (door skin, ceiling, wall panel, partition), specific products (picture frame, poster backing/paneling and electricity fan's base) where the thickness of 1.8 mm - 11 mm can be applied.

The strong point of hardboard is being harder and flexible comparing with the other board and higher in thickness swelling, it is more stable when staying in the high moisture area and especially a health care product. The hardboard completes increasingly with HDF in thin application.

Any further information and assistance required please feel free to let us know. We are very glad to be of your kind services.

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