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Product Name: NL-65/80 Machining Center for Wooden Reels
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Machining Center developed for machining wooden reel diameter from 650mm to 800mm for cables and wire. This machining center is able to do:
- Central hole;
- Drag holes;
- Diagonal hole;
- Cutting/finishing;
- Core cavities;
- Holes for rods.

This machining center works on 4 stages:
1. Treadmill feeding;
2. Drilling;
3. Cutting/finishing;
4. Storage.

Other information:

- Production capacity of 60 flanges/hour;
- Only one man to operate;
- 7" touch screen control panel;
- WEG electrical motors and automation.

This machine offers protection and safety devices, meeting all the standards on safety.

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Business Type: Naliteck Mechanical and Industrial Automation
Target Market: Worldwide
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