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Product Name: Wood sawdust briquettes
Model No: WB150609
Unit Price: negotiable
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High quality woody bio fuel for stoves, open fire places, ovens, heating systems, boilers, furnaces and more
Virgin mixed wood sawdust

- High Quality
- Sizing 15 x 6 x 9 cm
- The heat of combustion 21,685 kJ / kg
- The calorific value of 20,112 kJ / kg
- The ash content of 0.7%
- Moisture 9.8%

W-Bricks are packed in 10 KG PE plastic bags, consisting of 12 wood briquettes each package.
Our from sustainable wood source processed W-Bricks servicing great durable value against affordable prices.

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We processing at locations Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Contractor processors wanted !!
Capacity Supply: 100-600 Mtn per month
Business Type: Sales
Target Market: Local Asia and Global wide
Delivery Lead Time: per order
Valid Time: 6 months
Minimum Orders: min. 1 x 20 ft containers = approx.23 Mtn


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