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Specification: Radiata pine logs export from the Walcha area NSW Australia.

GBS timber  Australia

Material: fresh sawn pine, dead pine. Woodworm is allowed,
Possible dimensions:

ResursLis  Ukraine

Specification: High quality material.4x2 3m;4,8m. 5x2 2,4m;3m;3,6m;4,8m.6x2 2,4m

Softwood imported directly



HB Laminates Company  Pakistan


Holz Trade industries  Ukraine

Pine Wood Sawn Timber, Timber for construction, Pallet Elements
Place of Origin: Ukraine
Length: from 0.8m to 4 m

Softwood-Ukraine  Ukraine

Specification: different sizes

PE Romanovych  Ukraine

Specification: Diameter 5-7 cm, height 20/30 cm, length 60 or 120 or 56 or 112 cm

Profitsystem GmbH  Please Select a Country or area

Our garden sheds are produced with a natural products from ecological region of Rodopy mountains. All the construction a

React 33 ltd  Bulgaria

info@dl-export.com.ua DL-Export LLC is wood sawing company. We saw and export Ukrainian Oak, Pine, Spruce, Fir and other

DL-Export LLC  Ukraine

Pellets Dia : 6m ; 8 mm
Packing in bag : 15 kg or 1Tone Big Bag
Lenhgt of pellets 5-30 mm,
Wood type : Pine

Afric Wood venture Pvt Ltd  Hungary

Wood pellets DIN plus

Diameter: 6mm / 8mm

Color: light

Humidity: 6,8 %


wood makers ltd  Cameroon

We are dealers in the following species of wood logs;

-pine log
-ash logs
-beech logs
-poplar logs

Teka Co.Operative  Ukraine

Specification: Manufacturing pine products of any size.

ExWood  Ukraine

Diameter: 15 cm +
Length: 3 m - 6 m
Quality: A, B, C
Product Origin: Ukraine

Luma Vue - Ukraine LLC  Ukraine


Pine (diameter up to 14 cm). Price from 34 USD
Pine round timber (diameter 14-18 cm). Price f

Wood City  Russia

We have about 4mln cubic meters of forest. At the moment we have available monthly supply up to 10000 cubic meters. Smal

AA Bona Group  Ireland

1.have good quality .
2.have different kinds of shapes and different colors


Changzhou Daye Tengfei Sponge CO.,Ltd  China

SPF #2Btr, #3,#Econ, 2x4,6,8,10 8'-20' 5000 m3

HF #2Btr, #3,#Econ, 2x4,6,8,10 8'-20' 2000 m3

SYP #3,#E

Coast Fraser Enterprises Co., Ltd  Canada

Specification: straight planks Thickness: 20-27, Width: 100;135;142, Length: 2000-4000 mm

Constanta Co Ltd  Russia

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