Sweden increased softwood lumber exports to Egypt by 68.2% y-o-y in first quarter 2019 to 365.6 thousand m3, export value jumped 46.2% to $62.9 million, according to Statistics Sweden. Exports to China declined 34.5% to 163.4 thousand m3 with export value was down 40.0% to $34.5 million.

Softwood lumber exports to Netherland from Sweden dropped 18.8% to 218.1 thousand m3 with export value decreased 18.4% to $61.4 million. Exports from Swede n to UK expanded 1.95% to 680.3 thousand m3, export value was up 10.6% to $194.7 million.

In first three months of 2019, total softwood lumber exports from Sweden slid 3.66% to 3.1 million m3 with export value dropped 6.12% to $806.2 million.