Swedish forest owners association Mellanskog now adjusts the price of hardwood pulp. New basic price of birch will be 300 kr / m3fub, incoming asp is raised to 240 kr / m3fub. The price is adjusted with reference to prevailing market conditions. The increase contributes to increased profitability in members' thinning.

The previous basic price of birch mackerel in Mellanskog's geography was 265-270 kr / m3fub. With the adjustment, the base price will be uniform throughout the entire Mellanskog geography. For incoming Asp, the previous price was 225 kr / m3fub.

About Mellanskog:

The association is owned by 26 thousand forest owners – members of the organization. It also helps other forest owners. It sells its members’ timber and targets on fair timber prices and negotiating with the purchasing industries in order to get the best prices level.