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European plywood production growth outpaces consumption
¡¾25, Aug. 2006¡¿

Plywood consumption in the FEIC member states plus Denmark, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Austria rose 1.1% to 6.41 million m3 in 2005, according to the European plywood federation (FEIC).

Consumption fell in major European plywood consumers, including the UK (the largest consumer, down 3.5% to 1.32 million m3), Germany (down 6.3% to 866,600 m3), Italy (down 0.3%) and France (down 1.8%). These four countries accounted for an aggregate 3.49 million m3 (55% of overall consumption). Plywood consumption in the EU fell slightly 0.7% to 6.24 million m3 while in Russia more than doubled to 165,000 m3. Consumption in Ukraine (up 39%), Latvia (up 25%) and Estonia (up 52%) showed substantial gains, although from a low level.

Plywood production surged 3.3% in FEIC members in 2005, outpacing growth in consumption. The hike in plywood output was contributed by the steep growth in Russia (up 27%), Spain (up 10%) and Ukraine (up 21%), despite declines in Finland (down 3%), Italy (down 6%) and France (down 5.4%). Finland remained Europe¡¯s largest plywood manufacturer with 1.31 million m3 in spite of the drop.

Tropical ply accounts for only 10% of total production

Hardwood plywood rose to 1.82 million m3 (excluding Russia) in 2005, accounting for 55% of the plywood production. Softwood plywood production rose 1.9% to 1.13 million m3. In contrast, production of tropical plywood fell 9.1% to 323,900 m3 and accounted for only 10% of overall plywood production. Tropical plywood production declined in France (down 5%) and particularly in Italy (down 27%).

Source:ITTO's Tropical Timber Market Report

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