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Growth of 15% in Spanish lumber imports

[Nov 3, 2014]


Spanish softwood lumber imports in the second quarter were 15% higher than in the same quarter of 2013 at 199,289 m³. According to information from the Spanish association of timber importers and the timber industry imports from EU countries were also 15% higher than the figure for last year 187,164 m³; their share of the total imports remained unchanged at 94%. Deliveries from Portugal rose by 22% to 58,640 m³ and to a 29% share of the total. Cumulated over the first six months of this year, imports rose by a total of 14% to 376,330 m³. 354,059 m³ of this volume, 15% more than last year, was accounted for by deliveries from European countries. Imports from non-European countries fell by 6% to 22,271 m³.