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Czech company Morava Wood Products nearly triples production capacity

[Jul 3,2014]

Morava Wood Products invests

[Czech Republic] Morava Wood Products announced its investment this year in another production line to run tongue and groove and the click production simultaneously. It also invested in a new room-planner and added new colors to its oiling line.

Increased production
According to the company, the installed production capacity will be increased from 300,000 m2 of finished product per year, to 850,000 m2 a year. The complete new production line consists of planing machines, sanding machines, optimizing, sorting line and profiling machine. For the profiling, it chose the German branded Homag technology because of its precise profiling quality and the solid and stable construction of the machines. The company will run all Unilin L2C click production for the solid oak on the Homag line in the future.

With this investment it can continue its growth and also secure on-time deliveries. The new production line will be installed by the end of 2014, and production is expected to run before the end of the year, the company stated.

New colors
According to the company, after the introduction of the 10 new colors in the beginning of 2013, it now introduced 5 more new colors. Grey colors sell the best and for this reason Morava Wood Products now has a complete range of grey colors to choose from: Vintage, Dubai, Acapulco, Madrid and Dublin.

Room-planner for end users
After the introduction of the ready-made marketing concept ˇ°Fair Floorˇ± the company saw that many of its business partners used the brochures, carton boxes and website to promote the product to the end-users. The website www.fairfloor.euis is now available with a room-planner in which the end user can see how an interior can change when switching between the 20 available colors in Morava Wood Products, the company stated.