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Japan's Timber Demand 2003

Japan's Timber Demand 2003

Japans timber demand will total 23.76 million cubic meters in 2003, a decrease of 1.5%.. The demand for logs will be 1.2 million cubic meters, a rise of 0.2%, with the breakdown of 1.88 million cubic meters for Southsea and African logs, 3.82 million cubic meters for North American logs, 4.6 million cubic meters for Russian logs, 1.6 million cubic meters for New Zealand and Chilean logs, and 100,000 cubic meters for European logs.

That for lumber will be 7.51 million cubic meters, an increase of 0.8%, of which 3.04 million cubic meters were North American lumber, 740,000 cubic meters of Southsea lumber, 780,000 cubic meters of Russian lumber, 550,000 cubic meters of New Zealand and Chilean lumber, and 2.4 million cubic meters of European lumber.

In addition, the demand for plywood is expected to decline by 9.8% to 4.25 million cubic meters. The market for Southsea and African logs is estimated to keep shrinking in 2003. Demands for those species will decrease 5.1%. The plywood market will shift to softwood species, and a 5% drop of tropical logs is expected.

Source: JLJ Japan

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