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German beech sawmill survives

German beech sawmill survives

WPH, one of the largest German beech sawmills, started production again. After the former owner and CEO Rolf Schl kes founded a hive-off vehicle, the company produces in two shifts beech lumber. Beginning of August WPH filed insolvency and in September stopped production. WPH suffered a deficit of 1 Mio. Euro caused by a Chinese buyer. Last year WPH sold 20 000 m3 beech roundwood to China.
Although the insolvency administrator Jean-Olivier Boghossian is pessimistic that the WPH will survive he stopped liquidation. With a new equity funding by Schl kes , WPH can fulfil the new sawnwood orders from China. Starting in January Schl kes wants to export beech lumber to Spain again. In addition to the new equity, WPH also got help from the state owned forest. Already delivered but not paid roundwood from the cutting season 2001/2002 was negotiated again. The new price was 45 Euro/m3, far below the market price.

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