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Italian Market For Upholstered Furniture

In 2001 the Italian market for upholstered furniture recorded growth at current prices of 7%, and was worth Euro 1,320 million. Italy is the leading producer of upholstered furniture providing 30% of total European production, worth Euro 3.675 billion in 2001.
In addition to being the leading producer, Italy is also the leading exporter, providing over half of total European upholstery furniture exports. In 2001, Italian exports of upholstered furniture increased by almost 4% to Euro 2,406 million, recording however a contraction in growth compared to 2000 when exports increased by 20%. The leading companies on the market are all Italian.

In 2001, growth of 4% was recorded in the value of the Italian market for office furniture, bringing it up to Euro 967 million. Italy is a net exporter of office furniture, recording Euro 602 million in exports in 2001 compared to the Euro 66 million of imports. The most dynamic export market segments between 1996 and 2000 were seating and wall-to-wall units.

Production of kitchen furniture, recorded a growth of 2.7% at current prices in 2001 and was worth 2,277 million Euro. The total growth was driven by appliances, which increased by 7% with respect to the previous year, while furniture grew only 1.6%. Italy is the second largest exporter of kitchen furniture in Europe but its export share has been growing during the last decade and 2001 data confirmed this positive trend, increasing by 17% to 406 million Euro.

Company News

Upholstered furniture
Poltrona Frau, the top range leather upholstery furniture manufacturer in 2001 acquired the Austrian upper range furniture producer Thonet for roughly Euro 12.3 million in order to reinforce its position on the international scene. Thonet furniture will continue to be produced in Austria.

B&B opening new show rooms

One of the leading Italian designer furniture manufacturers has opened new overseas showrooms dedicated to B&B Italia and Maxalto. The new sites are in Tokyo (a monobrand) and Osaka (shop in the shop). The next step is the opening of a concept store B&B Italia in Milan the next October.

Source:ITTO News

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