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Malaysia Getting Back Into EU


Malaysia Getting Back Into EU
The first signs have emerged that Malaysia might be regaining ground lost in Europe for its tropical timber products with the news that a consignment of lumber certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council has been accepted in the EU. Primary Industries Minister Dr Lim Keng Yaik admitted that certification was a vital marketing tool for Malaysian timber exporters C particularly to Europe. The MTCC sustainable forest management criteria were developed because of continuing frustration with increasingly demanding standards set for tropical loggers by the like of the Forest Stewardship Council. Three major forest management units in Pahang, Terengganu ands Selangor provinces have achieved the MTCC certification standard. Meanwhile, despite a blanket ban on importation of tropical timber from Indonesia imposed in June, Dr Lim says the trade continues and he has signaled heavy penalties for those caught breaking the blockade.

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