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China Wood Mraket News

China Major MDF Manufacturer

There are 236 MDF manufacturing plants and 289 production lines in China and China's annual production capacity was 7.94 million cubic metres at the end of June 2001. At this level of capacity China has become a leading manufacturer MDF.

The MDF manufacturing enterprises are scattered over 28 provinces nationwide, especially concentrated in East China where the economy is relatively developed. It is expected that the in the near future the growth in production capacity will tend to slow down but that output will remain stable. It is further expected that many plants will be transformed from middle to small enterprises to larger plants and that product development will develop towards production of a wide range of product types to suit many end-uses.

Popular Dark Colour Floors

Starting this year consumers have been showing interest in using dark colour solid floors when they decorate their houses. This trend is particularly evident in southern provinces of China but the trend seems to be gradually spreading from the developed coastal cities to inland cities. Among dark colour floor, red sandalwood reportedly sells well for its good performance in terms of moisture and fungal resistance, furthermore, it is attractive, functional and moderately priced.

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