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China Wood and Furniture Market Reports

Furniture in Shanghai

Since the improvement of Pudong port, Shanghai's economy has seen double digit growth. At present, the municipality has around 3,300 high rise apartment blocks, accounting for over 40% of the country's total high rise apartmentss (8,000). It is estimated that more than 230,000 families move to new apartments and houses each year. In addition the municipality builds and renovates around 15 million square metres of housing each year.

The rapid development of economy, the constant improvement in living standards and the increasingly housing demand is creating unparalleled business opportunity for Shanghai's furniture industry. In 2000, furniture demands in the urban area amounted to 10 billion yuan with an average year-on-year growth of over 20%. By 2001 the number of furniture manufacturers had grown to 2,500 from the original 200 plus. Of these over 500 are foreign funded enterprises with a total investment of about US$500 million.

Foreign investors are coming form all over the world, but enterprises from Hong Kong and Taiwan P.o.C account for some 60% of all foreign investment in the furniture manufacturing sector. In addition, a number of top furniture manufacturers such as IKEA of Sweden and big companies from the United States and Italy have moved in to compete in the Shanghai market. In addition to the well known companies there are companies and enterprise from over 20 countries including Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

The mode of operation of these companies varies. Some of them establish headquarters in Shanghai with large-scale exhibition halls; some of them establish assembling plants for components supplied from their home countries or from off-shore sources; some of them act as agents, undertaking wholesale business in China with Shanghai as the centre; and some of them establish retail outlets for direct sales.

Shanghai furniture markets are increasingly approaching an international standard and the market is evolving into clearly defined sectors five of which can be identified namely: office building furniture(fitted and bathroom furniture), accounting for 15%; hotel furniture, 10%; non-fitted office furniture, 5%; home furniture, 50%; and export-oriented furniture, 20%.

News in brief

Guangdong Exports

It is reported from customs that the total value of furniture exported from Guangdong in January of this year amounted to US$257 million, up by 63% over the same month last year. The value of furniture exported to the United States amounted to US$130 million, over 50% of total export value.

The cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan are the top furniture export areas in Guangdong Province with exports of US$96 million and US$76 million respectively, accounting for 37.4% and 29.6% of the total value of the province's furniture export. Guangdong's furniture is exported mainly to the United States, Japan, UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan P.o.C.

Shenzhen International Furniture Expo

Over the past 6 years, Shenzhen hosted 9 international furniture expos,and organisers claim around 80 million visitor days have been recorded. According to reports a total of 53 large-scale state and regional purchasing groups and thousands of national and international business men have participated in the expos. The total value of transactions concluded in all expos held so far amounts to around 10 billion yuan with export orders exceeding US$ 600 million

The tenth Shenzhen International Furniture Expo, March 15 - 19, which has just concluded involved over 2,400 exhibition units and more than 250 businesses participated, involving over 70,000 professionals. Contracts concluded were said to be valued at 2.1 billion yuan, a new high.

In the local furniture industry there is a saying that Guangdong represents China's furniture and Shenzhen represents Guangdong's furniture. At present, in terms of production scale, product volume, quality and total output value, as well as the export value, the furniture industry of Shenzhen is ranked first nationally. The total output value of the city's furniture over last year exceeded 16 billion yuan, up by 20% over the same period of the previous year and drew in some US$900 million from exports. The furniture industry has gradually developed as a significant new growth sector for economic development in Shenzhen.

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Shanghai yuan per Cu.m
Radiate pine log
6m 26cm+ dia 700-
Douglas fir log 1350
Luan Logs 1650
Kapur/Keruing Logs 1780
Beech Logs 6m 30cm+ 4600-7200
White Oak Sawn 2ins 11800
Canadian lumber 4m 1350
US Maple Cherry
2ins sawn 12.5-15000
Beech Sawn 7-8000
Teak sawn 4 m+ 9500
SE Asian Sawn 4m+ 2150

Tianjin yuan per Cu.m
Radiate pine log
6m 26cm+ dia -
Douglas fir log -
Lauan log 1600
Kapur/Keruing Logs 1100
Beech Logs 6m 30cm+ 2500-4800
White Oak Sawn 2ins -
Canadian lumber 4m -
US Maple Cherry
2ins sawn -
Beech Sawn 7-10000
Teak sawn 4 m+ 8.5-10000
SE Asian Sawn 4m+ 3500

Nanjing yuan per Cu.m
Radiate pine log
6m 26cm+ dia 800
Douglas fir log 1335
Lauan log 1600
Kapur/Keruing Logs 1500
Beech Logs 6m 30cm+ -
White Oak Sawn 2ins -
Canadian lumber 4m 1500
US Maple Cherry
2ins sawn 2200
Beech Sawn 9500
Teak sawn 4 m+ -
SE Asian Sawn 4m+ 2850

Hangzhou yuan per Cu.m
Radiate pine log
6m 26cm+ dia 900
Douglas fir log 1350
Lauan log 1700
Kapur/Keruing Logs 1700
Beech Logs 6m 30cm+ 4800-7200
White Oak Sawn 2ins -
Canadian lumber 4m 1400
US Maple Cherry
2ins sawn 6500-7500
Beech Sawn 6500
Teak sawn 4 m+ 9000
SE Asian Sawn 4m+ 2800

Guanzhou yuan per Cu.m
Radiate pine log
6m 26cm+ dia 750
Douglas fir log -
Luan Logs 1600
Kapur/Keruing Logs -
Beech Logs 6m 30cm+ 1700-3200
White Oak Sawn 2ins 11200
Canadian lumber 4m -
US Maple Cherry
2ins sawn 13-14300
Beech Sawn 6500
Teak sawn 4 m+ 12500
SE Asian Sawn 4m+ 2800

Wholesale Prices, Indonesian and Malaysian
plywood 3mm 1220x2440

yuan per sheet
Shanghai 32
Tianjin 28
Harbin 32
Zhengzhou 29.5
Lanzhou 31
Shijiazhuang 27
Yinchuan 29
Jinan 35
Chengdu 30
Nanjing 35
Hangzhou 30
Changsha 29
Guanzhou 30

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