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IKEA promises 2 kilometers of shopping in Moscow

IKEA promises 2 kilometers of shopping in Moscow

04/23/2002, Moscow Times

By Alla Startseva , Staff Writer

MOSCOW, Russia, Apr. 23, 2002, (Moscow Times) -- Project manager Peter Odlund pointing to a plan of the MEGA shopping center, which is to be divided up into five sections.

The nation's largest mall with its largest movie theater and more than two kilometers of shops will open in December, Swedish retail giant IKEA announced Tuesday.

The $200 million MEGA mall will stretch more than 53 hectares, with 150,000 square meters of retail space and a record 10,000 parking places. Besides project leader IKEA, anchor tenants include French retail giant Auchan, Russian retailers Tekhnosila and Sportmaster, a do-it-yourself store and the cinema, which will have 11 screens and more than 3,000 seats.

"This is a milestone in the transition of Russia's retail market toward international standards in scale and quality," Peter Odlund, MEGA's project development manager, said at a news conference Tuesday. "Russia's retail sector will never be the same."

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