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Traders Expect West African Log Prices To Move Up

West African Log Prices

Only one or two changes in price have been reported during July but traders expect that West African log prices will move up following the recent increases in South East Asian Log prices. The ban on Indonesian log exports, together with the PRC and Malaysia agreeing to stop log imports from Indonesia should push prices higher during next months. Log supplies in West africa are reportedly tight but European buyers have been absent during the summer vacation period.

African log sales to China have risen 10% in volume terms over the past two months and are expected to go much higher in response to the now banned Indonesian supply.

In Cameroon log supply is now very tightly controlled and sawmills without a concession are closing because they are unable to purchase sufficient logs to keep mills in production. It is reported several sawmills are up for sale.

Afromosia/Assamela 381 350 -
Acajou/N'Gollon 175 152 -
Ayous/Obeche 175 160 106
Azobe 145 122 114
Bibolo/Dibtou 145 106- -
Fromager/Ceiba 114 114 -
Iroko 228 198 -
122 107 99
Moabi 213 190 -
Sapelli 221 206 175
Sipo/Utile 274 244 -
Tali 129 129 91

West African Sawnwood

There has been an overall rise in prices for West African sawnwood for many but not all species and it is expected that prices will continue to move up over the next two to three months as European buyers return to the market and order for their autumn stocks. As with logs, prices for sawnwood appear quite standardised throughout the region for Gabon, Cameroon and Congo Brazzaville.

Iroko has seen a substantial price rise but demand is now slack and Netherlands and Belgium. The high level of stocks of Sapele scantlings have put a brake on demand for new production.

Gabon Okoume sawnwood is becoming more established in Europe and prices have once again shown a modest rise. Sawmills in the region generally report buyers are taking up all current production for immediate shipment.

FOB per Cu.m
Okoume Euro
FAS Standard Sizes 266
Standard and Better 251
FAS Fixed Sizes 267
FAS Standard Sizes 640
FAS Fixed Sizes 670
FAS 487
FAS Standard Sizes 381
FAS Fixed Sizes 412
Scantlings 457-487
Strips 274

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