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  • 151) Setesdalsveden AS 

  • Setesdalsveden AS has delivered first class birch firewood for the last 10 years.In addition we have delivered exterior and interior panelling to different buil
    Located in:Norway
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  • 152) HB Drying Systems 

  • The drying (Lumber Dry kilns) and climatic rooms of HB are used worldwide to dry wood and a great variety of other products.   Every system is entirel
    Located in:Netherlands
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  • 153) joerke construction supplies 

  • Supplying all kind of European Hardwoods, Veneers and Logs.
    Located in:Germany
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  • 154) Collins Group 

  • This company export lumber and logs from Guyana South America. THe company marketing performed from the US.
    Located in:United States
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  • 155) Fautoris 

  • Honoured gentlemen.  We saw and export mainly oak and beech products under  moderate prices. You can contact us by e-mail: dapovida@yahoo.com 
    Located in:Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • 156) Contact Comm. Inc. 

  • We are a solid company based in the United States, specializing in the buying and selling of South American tropical wood logs.We also service the distribution
    Located in:United
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  • 157) Rosliin OU 

  • We are estonian manufacturer/trader/exporter of birch/alder/aspen sawn and planed timber and components, discontinuous and continuous stave boards. Our main mar
    Located in:Estonia
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  • 158) BTA 

  • We are an agency that deals in selling Plantations of Pine trees and also in any other type of wood in logs.
    Located in:Brazil
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  • 159) E. Schuk Contracting Ltd 

  • we cut specialty lumber and beams. our lumber is cabinet,window and door quality. We use interior fir
    Located in:Canada
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  • 160) SC Centrestroy 

  • Exporting timber from russian area.   Thanks.  Kind regards.  Yuri Kolikov
    Located in:Russia
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  • 161) Drosdovech Forestry Ltd. Wood Recovery Systems 

    Located in:Canada
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  • 162) CNN Timbers 

  • Manufacturers of rough sawn hardwoods and softwoods. Finished timbers include decking ,flooring and a variety of finished product, including mouldings to o
    Located in:Papua New Guinea
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  • 163) L.A Spécialties  

  • Independant Agents for Foresters ,Loggers , Logs-Yards in USA ( New-England ). We buy selected Logs for Export ( Veneers & Saw logs ) We are specialise in Hard
    Located in:Canada
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  • 164) Montana Dry Log and Lumber 

  • Montana Dry Log and Lumber is a small company with an international presence. We have a marketing presence in the United States, Canada, and worldwide, sourcing
    Located in:United States
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  • 165) Wellwood Asia Ltd 

  • We offer tropical hardwood and logs from South America, PNG, Malaysia mainly for PRC, Malaysia and India marekts.  
    Located in:Hongkong
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