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  • 121) Sea Global International  

  • Dear Sir,     We have the following Waste Papers for sale;   1.ONP. 2.OINP. 3.Maganize. 4.OCC. 5.Flyleaf
    Located in:Pakistan
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  • 122) GSE International Ltd 

  • Leading market developers, consultants and traders in 3th generation sustainable woody biofuels, such as wood pellets, wood briquettes.  Specialists i
    Located in:Hongkong
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  • 123) Southern Investment Industry Agriculture Joint Stock Company 

  • Southern Industry Agriculture Investment J.S.C which was founded in 2013, is a company operating in the field of production and supply of industrial fuel, clean
    Located in:Vietnam
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  • 124) Uniexport Co., Ltd 

  • Uniexport was found in 2005 with pioneer idea to recycle wood waste for agriculture products and develope a cleaner renewable energy source alternative to fossi
    Located in:Vietnam
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  • 125) Mercatura World 

  • We are traders for wood chips, wood pellets, saw dusts and bio mass.
    Located in:Malaysia
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  • 126) UNIEXPORT 

  • First starting up with the idea to recycle wood waste for agriculture and farming products, now we manufacture and export all kinds of Biomass Energy Resource,
    Located in:Vietnam
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  • 127) LAMPDA LTD 

    Located in:Bulgaria
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  • 128) VTM Pluss OÜ 

  • We are a pallet components and firewood manufacturing company located in Estonia (EU).  Our raw material source is 100% FSC and PEFC Certified.  
    Located in:Estonia
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  • 129) P.C. Seven crafts 

  • Export various firewood, birch, oak, alder, ash.
    Located in:Lithuania
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  • 130) Reflekt Technology Pty Ltd 

  • Company supplies industrial equipment for the Optical Disc, Agriculture.  Trade in Lumber and logs. Work directly with Forestry and lumber , wood pellets,
    Located in:Australia
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  • 131) Selko ltd 

  • The company SIA " Selko" Currently the company has over 20 years of experience in business and it has more than 25 employees. Has developed a professional
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 132) Gohcome Associates Nigeria Limited 

  • We are an agro-based company that exports cash crops, charcoal and wood (kosso and doussie wood species). kindly contact us via mail to: contact(at)gohcome(dot)
    Located in:Nigeria
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  • 133) OKCIS Ltd 

  • We are an independent supplier of high quality hardwood and softwood products including kilndried firewood, kindling and timber to trade and retail customers si
    Located in:United Kingdom
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  • 134) Premier Wood 

  • Premier Wood Plc was founded in 1995 in Ukraine, the city of Naberezhna , Dnipropetrovsk region. for the production and supply of wood products. Premier W
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • 135) Viet Delta 

  • Viet Delta Co., Ltd was found in 2003, has built a strong relationship with the local farmers,manufacturing Agro products for exporting, wholesale and supermark
    Located in:Vietnam
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