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  • 1) Pacific Koa ( Fiji ltd ) 

  • We are the only licensed exporter of "Pacific Koa"   Veneers Timber Slabs Furniture Doors Flooring Panel Ply.
    Located in:Fiji
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  • we are wholesalers of local South African pine and Hardwoods. We also manufacture purpose made joinery and furniture to individuals as well as the construction
    Located in:South Africa

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  • 3) Carre Point Wood (CPW) sarl 

  • We are one of the biggest timber exporting and transit companies in Cameroon running two timber yards in Douala Port. We export mostly to Asia and Europe both L
    Located in:Cameroon

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  • 4) PF Investment Group S.A. 

  • We are manufacturer, exporter of Excellent Teak logs and square logs. We have our own plantations in Panama. Feel free to ask our FOB prices. we ship
    Located in:Panama

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  • 5) CoastEcoTimber 

  • CoastEcoTimber (CET) is a sustainable wood products business, employing standards to provide products that are environmentally and socially responsible, and of
    Located in:Panama

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  • 6) Cintac Timber 

  • Cintac Timber specializes in supplying sustainable Eucalyptus logs.  We have our own harvesting, packing and exporting operations and can supply certi
    Located in:Australia

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  • Malollan International saw for the largest logging concession company in Liberia, harvesting about 10,000 cubic meters square a month purposely for export.
    Located in:Ghana
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  • 8) Tropical Hardwood International 

  • We have a large amount of timber to be harvested off of our land in Mexico. We have a sawmill that can custom cut boards to any thickness desired. Our available
    Located in:United States
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  • 9) Regnans Ltda 

  • Classified as a middle size company in Chile. Our main assets presently are 1000 ha of Eucalyptus regnans plantations aged 1-27 years old. These plantations are
    Located in:Chile
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  • CSAGRO, company operating in the agricltural and forestry sector in Brazil, we sell large volumes of wood exotic tropical South America, of all species, IP? Cum
    Located in:Brazil
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  • 11) safi timber import export (ei) 

  • we are a harvesting and exporters mozambique is our head office and branch in china and egypt 1-Common names:African Padauk,Kiaat,Umbila,Mun
    Located in:Mozambique

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  • 12) Olivarera Italo Mexicana 

  • We are the biggest olive tree plantation in North America with more than 3,000 acres. We cary more that 11 varieties of olive wood, the average size of a tree i
    Located in:Mexico

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  • 13) Rosemart Incorporated 

  • A 100% Liberian owned company involved in Timber harvesting, logging, Exporting of forestry products and general merchandize.  Interested in supplying
    Located in:Liberia
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  • 14) Convoy Express LLC 

  • Convoy Express, LLC is a Trade and Logistics company headquartered in New York.  We offer a full logistics services for cargo carriage by land, by sea as w
    Located in:United States
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  • General Wood Supply Sprl is a wood trading company which make her business all around the world. Our main objectives are to establish and keep long term co
    Located in:Belgium
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