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MACEDONIA-EXPORT is consisted of two complementary units: Trade ( and Consulting ( ).

The Trade unit is a unique type of Macedonian international trade intermediary that represents our manufacturers in selected export markets. Based in Skopje, our primary purpose is to help the domestic manufacturers build or expand their exports. In addition, the team of Macedonia Export aims to facilitate trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Macedonian companies. More importantly, we are not resellers but our provision is calculated in the producer抯 price. This means that we offer our clients the same price as the producer.

The Consulting unit is a unique type of consulting company specialized in Marketing, Sales, Export and HR. The main concept of our activities is based on custom made developed programs (educational and psychophysical) for the companies, easily applicable in practice, that use sales and profit oriented actions with immediate effects/results. We consider our competitive advantage the combination of theoretical knowledge and the experience from real life situations (Trade), which we transform and utilize through the theory - Consulting.

Why work with us?

o Educated / professional staff (young and ambitious team);
o Strong local and international network;
o Accelerators for business ?we try to fill the gap between the dynamic and fast-changing world trends of business of the modern companies and the rigid Macedonian transition companies;
o Maximizing the utilization of the resources (using our expertise and network to develop more competitive products);
o Consolidating the local Companies in order to achieve maximum effects/results, (this way we try to overcome the biggest problem in the Macedonian economy ?unification of the Companies to strengthen their position on the world market).
o One-stop Shop for business assistance

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Macedonia Export

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Vasil Stefanovski 8/1




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Gina Necula


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