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Our institution named Tarakan International Marketing Point. It is established by Indonesia National Agency for Export Development (Nafed/BPEN).
Our main task is to market all kind of Indonesia products (Handicraft, Furniture, frozen food, vegetables, etc. ) for export market.
We can give you information that appropriate with your needs about Indonesia products and also the exporter from Indonesia. We can help you to build relationship with Indonesian exporter of any kind of products.
Why Should you contact us?
-We make it easier for businessmen and exporters from Indonesia to get information about foreign countries needs of Indonesian products.
-We provide an assistance to reach successful business negotiating that give benefit to exporters and importers.
-We make it easier for foreign importers and investors to get information about Indonesian products along with investment opportunities at Indonesia.
-We provide you a guarantee for safety and profitable businesses transaction for exporter and importer.
-We make it easier for foreign importers to know and recognize Indonesian governmental regulation that related to export-import activities.

If you need Indonesia products and you do not know which Indonesian exporter that can be your contact, please contact us. We will give you all information that you need about Indonesia products and Indonesia exporter for free.

Please contact us for further information.

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Tarakan International Marketing Point

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Trading House


Jl.Jendral Sudirman No.17




East Kalimantan
Country or Areas: Indonesia
Post Code: 77111
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Franklyn Mailuhu


Executive Manager


+62 551 51582


+62 551 21660
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