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Welcome to Shanghai Oriental Timber International Co.....

We are one of the largest logs importers in China , sourcing and importing all kind of logs from four corners of the earth for tens of large plywood mills throughout China .

Due to our close relationship with Chinese mills as their logs supplier, we have the inside track on their production. Thus, Shanghai Oriental Timber International Co.,Ltd. was established to link up with the overseas buyers with the good mills, mills that adhere to contract, on time delivery. produce in accordance to instructions and specifications and follow good business practices.

Our long term experience and strategic associations with exporters and mills allow us to serve a vast number of customers. Our extensive product knowledge allows us to match our customers with products to suit their every need.

China is now the largest importer of logs in the world as well as the largest plywood producer - 21 million m3 in 2003. Truly, there was a fundamental shift in the manufacturing of plywood panels from Indonesia and Malaysia in the last 5 years.

There are literally hundreds of new mills in China - but that also means that there are numerous different panel compositions, different quality standard -the good, the so-so, and the ugly. For those of you who are familiar with buying from China, you will no doubt remember when the Chinese production first premiered in the world marketplace approximately five years ago. Many a buyer has a story about Chinese panels.....but in today's market, it is an unfair prejudice. The Chinese mills have since made great strides in upgrading their machinery and operations. Some of them do produce truly good quality panels.

Our inspectors who have been on the ground in China for over many years on behalf of overseas buyers to assist you to get the best deal , delivery and products recommendations.

Be careful!....although every buyers are looking to purchase Chinese production, the buyer still needs to be very CAREFUL. The buyer needs to work with a savvy company like ourselves ?who speak their language, their way of doing business, familiar with their business culture- to make certain that they are working with mills that are well-established will deliver what is promised.

Let us help you navigate these waters and bring you a product and price that will truly amaze you which offer significant savings, the right products

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